Anyone Towed with Toyota Camry 3.0 V6 ? - Surrey_Scientist
U prob all spotted my post about vovlo V70s (are theyany good) and are they OK to tow a caravan.........

Just noticed a local dealer has a "PX to clear" Toyota Camry Estate 3.0i V6 automatic, at just under a grand.

Mileage is a little high - 120K, but car seems to be in mint condition, no rust visible, only 2 owners, has leather, cruise, 7seat etc all the goodies which apparently all work.

I know toyota are good at high mileages (I have an old corolla)

This car would be a cheap option - assuming it drives OK.

I haven't towed b4, and if I made a mistake and it wasn't suitable, or I broke it with the extra load on the car, the car is cheap enough to just bin.....

And if it "worked" and I find towing OK (not too stressful) it is cheap enough to upgrade to a newer similar type of vehicle in a years time without losing a fortune

Has anyone ever towed a large caravan with one of these cars ? How do they perform towing and solo ?

I know the autobox will need a cooler, these are an easy DIY fit I am told once you have the radiator and pipes.

Does anyone have anyu experience with one ?
Anyone Towed with Toyota Camry 3.0 V6 ? - Aprilia
Should be fine. The Aisan-Warner autoboxes are pretty much bullet-proof and provided you flush with new fluid and fit a cooler then you should be fine. Mocal do a suitable range of coolers and pipes/fittings etc. Expect to pay around £50-60 for the parts - its easy to fit one.

Main trouble spot on these cars it likely to be the radiator - get it checked and consider a recore and fresh Toyota antifreeze (red coloured) if it looks at all suspect.
Anyone Towed with Toyota Camry 3.0 V6 ? - Thommo

Would I be right in assuming this is the Borg Warner T3 box made under licence, same as used in the Supras of similar age?

If so tough box as you say.
Anyone Towed with Toyota Camry 3.0 V6 ? - Aprilia
AFAIK these are Japanese-designed transmissions. The A540E used in the Camry is a FWD transmission.

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