xsara 2.0hdi estate brake problems - 1066elsey
Hi , I have had various problems with my brakes on my front drivers side pads . What it is doing is brakes are binding slightly on this side , so wearing the pads down to metal after 3-4 months , Passenger side all ok no problems .
I have replaced the caliper and discs/pads , no fix ,.So booked into garage and had discs replaced again and pads and flexihose on both sides done and system pressure bleed .

seems fault still on the drivers side . The garage said when caliper removed from passenger side for hoses fluid run freely out , but when removed from drivers side , hardly any fluid trickled out .After bleeding fluid coming out both sides as it should .

Seeing as the brakes are still binding slightly on drivers side what can cause this .(passenger side spins freely , drivers side takes a bit off effort to rotate wheel)

Any suggestions would be great .
xsara 2.0hdi estate brake problems - Mike-H
There has been a fairly recent thread about a problem quite similar to yours.


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