Nissan Almera Knocking Noise - GregSwain
I've recently bought a W-reg Nissan Almera 1.4, and have noticed a knocking noise coming from the offside-front corner of the car, when travelling at speed (from 50mph ish).

Sounded at first like a dodgy driveshaft, but I took the car to a good local garage, and they did a "pre-MOT inspection", found no problems with the wheel bearings, driveshafts or CV gaiters. Brakes were also fine. The only thing I've not considered is tracking - could this cause a constant knocking?

Knock is also apparent when steering lock-to-lock (i.e. parallel parking). Any suggestions welcome.

Nissan Almera Knocking Noise - bell boy
tracking wont cure knocking .
you did the best thing get someone else to look at it and they failed
its strange it only does it from 50 mph and parrallel parking,i would still consider it to be a cv joint
if it was my car the next thing i would do is jack both sides well clear of the ground and run the car up to 50+ and listen for the noise at a careful distance trying to pinpoint it,maybe the garage could do this for you as im sure they will have done it before on a car
i would make sure there is no excess travel in the strut top mountings as well this could well start knocking at 50+ and also in the parking routine (cant spell excersize)

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