Very useful tyre pressure gauge - buzbee
I picked up an 'autocare' digital tyre pressure gauge for £2-3 in a recently refurbished Tesco store that now sells car bits. It displays to nearest O.1 pounds and is black plastic and 14cm long by 2.5 or so wide and quite light . Also the nozzle angle is nicely positioned.

This (one) sample proved to be pretty accurate when compared with my trusted dial gauge and loses no significant amount of air in making the measurement. I am quite pleased with it.

Incidently, I now realise why my other digital gauge loses a lot of air. The rubber was too short that seals the valve end, before the gauge centre spiggot gets to press the valve centre that releases air to the gauge. Having dug out that rubber and glued it in a bit higher up, it too now works OK.

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