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Hi I am new to this site, have a question, about my sons Peugeot 306
xldtl, desiel engin car,

let me explain he was traveling up motorway, engin over heated, hot water, coming out very hot ,got car home eventually. .it has been looked at tried to put new starter motor, no luck, seen by someone else, been told the valves have bent, the cam belt faulty, should he buy new engin, or new head, any surgestions as to what he should do, get rid of it maybe,? help thanks. john
replace engine, or head - bell boy
sounds scrap..
radiator bottoms usually fall out causing your problem......
sounds more like engine has seized to me rather than bent valves
replace engine, or head - Mike-H
By the sound of it, it sounds like a replacement engine might be the most cost effective. .If you tried a starter, because it's not turning over, as previously wisely suggested, it could well be seized. If it is, then it will need at least a rebore and pistons. I wonder why you suggest a new head if the valves are bent or the cam belt faulty? Nether of these will automatically need a new head. Valves maybe. It sounds as if whoever has looked at the car for you, and no matter how well intentioned, is guessing, and doesn't really know, or hasn't got their opinion across to you effectively. Either bite the bullet and have an expert look at it, which will involve taking the head off for an inspection as a minimum, or find a used engine. That's my advice. good luck
replace engine, or head - dieselhead
I can only think the camshaft seized and damaged the belt. . If pistons hit valves the short block is usually ok and you can get away with new valves/head skim or at worst replacement head . Really need to get someone to spend half an hour to take cambelt cover off and establish whether crankshaft or camshaft have seized.
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My son has a Peugeot 306 XLD, P reg 1996, whicjh I bought him in January at 137,000 miles. It's now done 15000, and I'd like to know if there's any way of knowing if the cambelt needs changing by visual inspection. I don't know when it was changed last. The engine's fine right now and I want it to stay that way- he's a student so any car problems tend to come my way!! How do I know if it needs changing?
replace diesel engine, or head - Pug306 - stuartl
If in doubt change it!!! If there is any sign of oil contamination I would also change it regardless of age even though some claim to be impervious to oil or water. In most cases a broken cambelt means major engine work and often a new engine. Make sure all appropriate tensioners etc are also replaced in accordance with Pug spec. It could be the wisest money you will spend on the car, especially as it obviously covers a fairly high mileage.


replace diesel engine, or head - Pug306 - LeePower
An XUD lump like this will snap the cam & bend valves if the timing belt fails.

The newer HDI engines have rockers in the valve train that have been designed to be the weak point & fail if the timing belt lets go & hopefully save the valves from smacking the pistons.
replace diesel engine, or head - Pug306 - solara
In the newer HDi engines, when the belt breaks, the piston still hits the valves, but the rockers takes the impact and break at the weak point.
replace diesel engine, or head - Pug306 - Martin1981
If the car is in an otherwise decent condition, I'd look into replacing the engine with a 2nd hand one from a scrapyard i.e. one from an accident damaged 306, 405 or Citroen ZX. You may well find a decent one for around £200-250 and you should be able to get it fitted for about the same. I had a replacement engine in my 1994 306 TD about 18 months ago after head gasket failure got the better of the original engine. I was in two minds as to whether to fix or get rid, but as the car was in a generally good condition for 11 years old and 150k I decided to opt for a replacement lump from a local breakers. The engine was from an accident damaged 306 D turbo with 110k on the clock, I paid £300 for it with 3 months warranty and a further £250 for the fitting. 18 months and 27k down the line and the thing is still chugging along. As long as you can find a decent engine and a decent mechanic to do the job, it is well worth considering. Make sure whoever fits the engine, replaces the cambelt and if need be the clutch at the same time- both are easier to do with the engine out of the car.

replace diesel engine, or head - Pug306 - bell boy
i think they took my advice and got a balloon for it........
replace diesel engine, or head - Pug306 - megrandad
most common problen of this engine is head failure this is due to overheating and head warping is it goes any further then engine siezure is likely you need to remove glow plugs or injectors then turn engine over by hand I repeat over by hand to see if water comes out if this is so then head or head gasket failure is likely if no water is detected then partial engine siezur likely [megradad]

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