blackbushe auctions. - adam f
can public go?
is there an entrance fee?
if buying, do i have to pay commision?
is there a "general car day"?

can you have a good look at the car. i mean by this, can i start it up and listen,under bonnet, interior.
blackbushe auctions. - bell boy
can public go?.............................yes apart from closed manufacturer days (see website for details?)
is there an entrance fee?
if buying, do i have to pay commision?.....oh yes
is there a "general car day"?...................see website details for cars offered or phone
can you have a good look at the car. .........yes

i mean
by this, can i start it up and listen you will get poked in the eye if you try (its an insurance thing ),under bonnet, interior........yes you can do all these and hear it run as the driver gets in and takes it to the rostrum..>>

can i get legged into a pile of doo if i dont know what to look for.........yes
what should i do ?..............................take knowledgeable friend (ideally not dave down pub who moonlights as a chippy during the day though)
blackbushe auctions. - expat
Decide what type of car you are interested in and check out the prices for them from dealers and private sales so that you know what is a good deal and what isn't. Go to as many auctions as you can before you buy so that you learn what is going on and what to expect. You will also be able to see what sort of prices are going.

If you go for cars which still have a year or so of the manufacturer's warranty left and which are being sold by fleets then you can get a good deal while minimising your risk. Buying older cars at auction is much riskier and you will not necessarily get a much better deal than you would get buying privately. If the car is more than 2 years old I would buy privately because you can take it for a test drive and you can get it checked out by a mechanic before you buy. You can't do those things at an auction.

See HJ's Buying at an Auction guide
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blackbushe auctions. - Vin {P}
Consider using an auction buyer such as Joe Dowd who will source the car you want for £250 + VAT. His buyer's premium will be about £120 less than yours on a £6,000 car, so you're effectively paying £130 for his services. He's listed in one of the links mentioned above.

He knows a dog when he sees one and will walk away, so may turn out to be extremely cheap. He also won't get carried away, a common problem when bidding for yourself.

blackbushe auctions. - PW
As usual will highly recommend Joe- and know several people who rate his services very highly too. In fact friend is using his services at the moment so may be off to Blackbushe tomorrow.

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