Pug 406HDi Diesel leak - Frogeye
Hello All

My 2002 HDi 110, 96k miles, is leaking diesel from "a joint around the high pressure pump" according to my independent garage. They are trying to sort it but say it may need to go to a specialist.
Is it a simple fix? as I do not want to spend a lot on it as I think it is getting towards bye bye time.

Also the tailpipe has fallen off, the rest of the exhaust is fine but appears to be one piece. Are replacement sections made? Eurocarparts do not list any exhaust for this car.


Pug 406HDi Diesel leak - psi
have you tried www.gsfcarparts.com/ ?
Pug 406HDi Diesel leak - LeePower
Just be warned that on the high pressure side of the fuel system when its at full running pressure theres 19500 PSI of fuel pressure.

You would be better off sending it to a diesel specialist, HDIs & untrained mechanics dont mix, Ive seen a few wrecked HDI engines over the years caused by people having a tinker trying to fix them on the cheap.

Pug 406HDi Diesel leak - David Horn
Surely if there was a leak on the high pressure side it woudn't run properly.
Pug 406HDi Diesel leak - Frogeye
Not sure which side of the pump is leaking but the car is running well.
Pug 406HDi Diesel leak - Frogeye
Apparenty it needs a new pump. £500-£600 inc fitting. Bye Bye time?
Pug 406HDi Diesel leak - madf
If it's a HIGH pressure pump, then tinyurl.com/jq83l
Pug 406HDi Diesel leak - Screwloose

Unusual to cause a leak; but the o-rings on the pump's pressure regulator are prone to splitting. Are there any STEEL fragments in the filter housing? [Ignore copper ones- use a magnet.]
Pug 406HDi Diesel leak - Frogeye
No steel bits.

LP pump was replaced about 3 years ago.

Leak is either from high pressure output union, seems tight or the flange on end of shaft where there is a sensor.
Pug 406HDi Diesel leak - Screwloose

Has the pump-to-rail pipe ever been undone? They are one-shot-use pipes; once undone, they must be replaced or they will leak.

The "sensor" under the union is the previously-mentioned fuel-pressure regulator with the dodgy O-rings...... Have you thought of taking this to a diesel specialist? These horrendous systems are no place for a general garage.
Pug 406HDi Diesel leak - Frogeye

Thanks for you help.

I can see no need for the pipe ever to be undone, all my fuel problems have been at the back end.

The garage took the car to a "specialist" who said I need a new pump. I will find out how "specialised" they are.

I can now see why you and Aprilia warn about these systems.



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