Primera Xenon Headlamps - Smileyman
Ever since I bought the car I have had problems with the alignment of the headlamps. Recently the local dealer had to replace the some of the self levelling items as they were faulty. The car was returned with the lights aligned skywards, blinding oncoming traffic. When I complained the garage told me they had had a problem, (why?, how could they return a car like this, QC is abysmal) took the car back, spoke with Nissan and now they claim lights are perfectly aligned, using their MOT testing equipment. The problem is that the roadway is well lit, but forward vision is very limited. (Road signs, reflectors etc)

I am fed upwith the garage's incompetence and would like to align them myself. Is this possible - the EEC ruled all Xenon lights must be automatically self levelling, so can I just twiddle a screw and align them or is it a computer related task - put into a 'align mode' perhaps?

Any advice would be appreciated, I certainly cannot go into winter as they are at present.

Primera Xenon Headlamps - bell boy
i personally would go back and get them to show me the height and pattern they are giving on their mot equipment,if they refuse i would get an opinion off your local vosa as they may be commiting an offence by letting the car go out if the lights are indeed out of alignement

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