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Hi people,

I am a newbie after being pointed in this direction for some help and firstly must appologise for jumping straight in and asking for help but I am completely stuck!

I have purchased a 1994 Celica GT-Four ST205 (UK model) at an auction recently for a very, very good price (I will tell you what I got it for if anyone is interested) and it is generally in very good condidtion with the original full Toyota UK service history.

However the one (not so small) problem it has is that the clutch is completely gone. I have tried Fensport (toyota specialists) and Toyota themselves for a replacement clutch including fitting but cannot get a total price so far for less than the (I think extortionate) £900 that Toyota want.

If anyone has any ideas on where to go and what I should be paying I would be extremely gratefull as I am hoping to get it sorted and then sell the car on.

With that in mind I dont want to register on the GT4 owners club as I will be selling it straight on again (the missus doesn't want it parked as a feature on the driveway - so it must go sooner rather than latter) and I will not get anywhere near what I hoped without the new clutch!

Many thanks for your help and once again sorry to have to jump straight into asking for help its not the way I would have liked but I have only just found this website from a friend.

Celica GT4 Help... - bell boy
whack it back in the auction if you can tow it there, but mint it to perfection first ,theres bound to be a mug to buy it .........
Celica GT4 Help... - madf
My local garage replaced one: took days £900 sounds about right.

I would not want inexperienced garage doing it: looks a MAJOR job (local used car hoist/engine hoist x2, disconnect turbo/cooling system/removed engine ancillaries. etc.

Celica GT4 Help... - Sprice
You could try blueprint, who specialise in parts for Japanese and Korean models. They are hydraulic on these.


Maybe your local area yellow pages will have a Toyota specialist garage (they do exist, but not common!)

Presumably you knew about the clutch and thats why you had a bargain? How much did you pay then, as the ST 205 (and ST 185) do hold their value quite well!
Celica GT4 Help... - Sprice
Heres a new clutch for a GT4 on ebay. I,m sure you could find a competent independant mechanic to install it?

Celica GT4 Help... - Dave N
It's a big job on these, so £900 doesn't sound too bad.

If you think it's too much, have a go yourself.
Celica GT4 Help... - Carrow
One of my customers specialises in these cars, try Bonsai on 07885227729. He is in Weston Super Mare.
Celica GT4 Help... - king_mk
Many thanks for all your help guys - I will give them a ring and the ebay item is looking good too! I think I will look round for some quotes to fit if I supplied after trying the other options first.

I paid just £1900 for it with FSH (UK Toyota), HPi clear and just 76k miles!

Then found out about the clutch... doh... talk about every cloud and all that!

Thanks again guys!

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