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Saw the new Saab SUV thing over the weekend, the 9-7x. Come to think of it, it may have been at the motorshow too, but I didn't notice. Anyhow.

It's horrible. Looks like something a Malaysian manufacturer would have shelved eight years ago. Very square looking and reminiscent of the last of the Ford Mavericks sold here (not a compliment!), not sure if they'll bother selling it in the UK but along with the rest of the Saab range, their design, look and feel has gone seriously downhill.

Saw a few Audi Q7s too. Audi don't seem to be able to think of how to sell them, no tag lines on the ads - they seem to be saying "OK, we don't really understand this, but market research says you'd like to buy these things. Here's a photo and we've put a bit set of four rings on the grille so it's more acceptable at the tennis club". Didn't like that either, seems like a slightly less ugly Cayenne or slightly more ugly Taureg.

Also saw the new Jag coupe on the road and a Aston Volante, both very pretty, the latter head turningly so.

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Saab losing plot - Red Baron
I can't comment on the SUVs, but have recently seem a number of the 9-3 estates. Whilst they may still look SAAB from the front, from the back they really do look a bit burglar-alarm-fitter. I don't think that's the image they want. Perhaps the designers liked the last Vauxhall estate too much?!
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lost the plot

evidence : front of the new 9-5
Saab losing plot - Nickdm
Agreed. Went to view a 9-3 Sportwagon last week and was very under-impressed by the quality of the interior plastics on a car retailing for well over 20 grand.

Mind you, Saab sales in the UK are going through the roof at present! So what do we know?? Saw loads of 9-3 saloons on the UK roads during my visit back home last week.

The 9-7 sport-ute is just for the US market, unless a dealer fancies importing them without Saab's consent. There is a dealer in France doing just that...

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