'99 Focus 2.0 Coolant Loss - psi
I have noticed that my coolant has dropped halfway between min and max over the last month, and there appears to be fresh fluid from a pump next to the auxilliary drive belt, just above the A/C compressor pump, is this the water pump?, and is this the most likely cause of gradual loss? can't see any other leaks from the hoses running to / from the coolant reservoir? any ideas what this sort of job will cost, this car is becoming a real pain.
Thanks in advance
'99 Focus 2.0 Coolant Loss - Snakey
This happened on my diesel 2002 Focus, and it was the water pump. Cost around £130 using a non ford pump (which was £90 for the diesel version).

My coolant started leaking gradually, but the leak increased pretty quickly so best keep an eye on it until you can get it sorted

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