Chipsaway - JH
The wife?s car had picked up 3 mega chips in the front bumper (her) plus a scrape about 6 inches by 2 (me). The chips were amazing. They appeared to have gone clean through a top skin of plastic and into some black, coarser plastic beneath. For either one we?d probably have pulled a face and left it at that but for the total damage we decided to get it repaired.

A local body shop estimated £95+VAT but couldn?t do it for about 6 weeks. I guess their bread and butter is bigger stuff and they were booked up. Having heard good reports of Chipsaway on this forum I tried them. They came to us, gave an estimate of £90 plus VAT but, most importantly, could do it ?next week?. That plus the convenience of them coming to us swung it and they got the business. Well the guy has been today and, as the saying goes, I can?t see the join. I haven?t looked at it in every light from every angle but it looks pretty darned good to me. A survey was left, which I assume would go to Chipsway but it?s addressed to the VBRA.

All in all, I?m quite happy and I?d recommend them. I have no connection with Chipsaway in any form.

Chipsaway - Geordie1
Their advertisement ' flyer' through my letterbox stated that they also did paintless dent repairs.

I contacted the local franchise who was unenthusiastic when I explained I had a small 'ding' that required sorting on the bonnet of my wifes Grand Vitara. He said his 'mate' did the dent repairs and he would have him contact me. One month later and I am still waiting!

A rival outfit carried out a perfect repair immediately and at very reasonable cost.
Chipsaway - aahbarnes
Remember that Chipaway are a franchised outfit, hence only as good as the operator. I've seen some excellent work by one operator, but an awful bodge by another (he didn't charge!)
Chipsaway - duncansand
I too can add praise to my local chipsaway guy - two big scrapes to the front and back bumpers (the back bumper was also cracked). They guy heat-welded the crack, fillered and painted all at my house in one day - afterwards I couldn't see the join either! They also sorted out some nasty scrapes on the alloys, at a fraction of the cost of refurbishing them. Very professional and seemed to know what he was doing.
Chipsaway - Roly93
I have nothing but praise for my local (Reading) Chipsaway guy. He repaired some tricky damage on our Focus which was much more than a minor ding perfectly.
Chipsaway - Galaxy
Our local Chipsaway (Benfleet, Essex) have just repaired a horrendous keying mark on my niece's Megane after some nice kind person keyed it all the way down the drivers side where she parks to go to the station for work.

The line was about 4 feet long and really deep. After the repair I can't see anything of the damage at all, and, believe me, I have a very good eye for looking for this sort of thing and am also very fussy!

This franchise work from an industrial unit rather than from a van, they may have a van as well, I'm not really sure, but it was probably better for a large repair like this that it was done on their own premises.

They wanted the car for a whole day, which was fair enough, but did offer a Chipsaway courtesy car, but this was declined by my niece. I gave her a lift instead.

Excellent service, car was ready when they said, really nice people, very smart and tidy premises, very high standard of work, car was cleaned and polished before she collected it, well, what more can I say!

Chipsaway - turbo11
aahbarnes is quite correct.The quality of the work is only as good as the operator.I have watched three different chipsaway guys doing their work.Two were excellent,the third was very average.
Chipsaway - Citivanvin
On getting a door dent on my wing, I also rung my local chipsaway as the ad in the yellow pages said they did paintless dent repairs. He said 'no we only do chips, you want dent devils'. Great ad then.......

Chipsaway - tack
>>>The wife?s car had picked up 3 mega chips in the front bumper >>>

Wasn't anything to do with the lorry load of spuds that were shed on a motorway this morning was it?
Chipsaway - type's'
Unfortunately my experience of a certain chipsaway franchise in the east midlands was very poor.
The paint match was abysmal (car was 12 months old so no real degradation or fading to deal with).
The finish was also poor - very rough as if no lacquer applied.
Cost was only £65 but demanded a refund anyway when it was dry and I could see how bad it was.
Took it to a local body specialist and they did a great job at repairing the bodge.
You really cannot tell it has been done. - Cost £250.
I personally will never use chips away again - I cannot see how they can do as good a job especially when they do it on your door step.
Paint spraying needs clean dust free conditions and is all the better when oven baked at the end of the process.
I'm pleased other people have had good experience though - I'm just saying that if you are thinking of using them try and get a reference about the man doing the job - some are more skilled than others - do not think all chipsaway guys are good (or bad as I now do !!).
Chipsaway - hillman
I have nothing but praise for the operator from Glossop. Has anybody used Dentmaster ?
Chipsaway - type's'
I have not used Dentmaster but I have used autohealer (mentioned in the FAQ'a) and he was very good.

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