X300 interior bulb replacement - smoke
I have just replaced a load of interior bulbs inside my X300 XJ6, and i thought i would do a quick guide of what i did which may ba useful to someone. Please be aware that i am just a tinkerer so this is a rough guide and i take no responsibility if things break or cock up. Disconnect battery negative.

Instrument binnacle speedo and rev counter lights.
Remove 5 screws holding dash undertrim onto dash. Remove ths cable to the temperature sensor. Place to one side.
Extend steering wheel as far as it will go and push it up as far as possible. Crawl into footwell and look up.
Remove 4 screws holding instument binnacle into dash. Two front screws pass through a hole in the light and traction control button units two rear smaller screwes don't pass though anything. Get out of footwell and rock the instrument binnacle to and fro and pull it out of dash slightly. Crawl back into footwell and remove 2 multiplugs that connect into the dash binnacle. Carefully withdraw the binnacle from the dash and take to work bench.
On work bench unclip the underside clips and the back of the dash opens on hinges at the top (no screws need to be undone here. Access it now had to the bulbs which are a bayonet fit. Replace as required.
Refitting is really just the opposite of fitting.

Electric window switches.
Remove tab from door latch, and remove the screw. Withdraw latch surround. Hold wood panel and ease forward towards the front of the car so it unclips and then remove. Remove two black screws from the trim panel (front also remove trim clip at leading edge of door trim) and remove panel bul lifting upwards. Front door remove the one screw at front end of interior door pull having first removed the covering tab. Rear doors remove 1 front and 2 rear screws on door pull. Work way around the edge of lower door trim releasing trim clips carefully. Rear door now should just come off the door front door needs wiggling upwards while pulling towards you as it is further held by secureing tab in the middle of the trim. Once withdrawn for front doors remove the multipin connectors and take door trim to work desk. Rear doors undo courtesy footwell light screw to release the light and then remove all the interior screws seen on the inside of the door trim.
Remove all the screws seen on the inside of the door trim and the speaker e window panel will seperate from the rest of the interior door trim.
On rear door Seperate the e window switch panel by removing the black plastic bolts and one screw and then carefully push tabs on both sides to release the switch pack down. (On front doors the plastic/ wood e window cover panel comes off and access to swtich panel is obtained so less fiddling required). Once switch pack seen there is a blue tab (2 for the master switch). This is the bulb prise out the blue tab and replace. (replacement bulbs come out blue tab and this just needs to be transferred).

I can also go through climate control lights and clock lights if useful and required.

Hope this may help someone.

X300 interior bulb replacement - Pete M
Excellent post, Smoke. If you go to www.jag-lovers.net/modern/ there is a forum you can read and post to. These forums (fora?) are full of excellent information like this. There is even a book of the same sort of useful tips about the XJ-S (and XJ-12) that is free to download.

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