Passat creaking noises? - v8man
My 1997 Passat Tdi has started making a creaking noise like an old wooden ship from the front. I have just replaced the left hand upper control arms as the ball joints were shot and I was hoping this was the cause of the noise.
Any VW experts out there with experience of this noise? Ta.
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Passat creaking noises? - bell boy
its probably the weather, i had a fiesta tested today and after the balljoints had moved it drove back like the good ship lollipop ............try telling a customer its alright when they hear it.......i use duck oil or water depending on whats making the noise....
Passat creaking noises? - v8man
I really don't expect a modern car to be making these noises because of the weather and have never experience it before.
I suspect it is a knackered bush or ball-joint but I'm having trouble narrowing it down as there are loads on Passat suspension. Replacing them all would cost a mint!

I want to sort it because it is making a very nice car sound like a shed.
\"Nothing less than 8 cylinders will do\"
Passat creaking noises? - Dynamic Dave
I really don't expect a modern car to be making these noises

1997 Passat - modern? It's 9 yrs old and will soon be a candidate for classic insurance.

That aside, as oldman says, it's more than likely weather related. The hot weather has swelled the suspension bushes; causing them to creak.

My 2½ yr old Vectra rear suspension creaks in hot weather. As soon as the temperature cools down, the noise dissapears.
Passat creaking noises? - madf
I had this on my A4. Lower suspension arms have bushes which fail . Well known fault. Replacement arms needed. Garage cost £250 per side. Mine was done after 90k miles.

A spray with WD40 "may" offer a temporary cure..
Passat creaking noises? - adverse camber
madf is likely to be correct.

vag have had all sorts of problems with failures on the front suspension balljoints and bushes.

there have been several recalls on the audi's not sure about tje passat.

couple of points, they need to be replaced by someone who knows how to do it - the suspension needs to be loaded wheh the arms are fitted or the bushes can be ruined in no time,

thyer are some aftermarket arms of very poor quality - I know several people have had to replace again within a year. do a full set of genuine arms at a very good price. you will need to talk to them to make sure they supply what you actually need, their web site is a bit crap.
Passat creaking noises? - denty2005
I have exactly the same issue with my 98 Passat.

Anyone know exactly where to apply WD40/silicone spray to offer a temporary fix? To the arm or the bush itself?


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