Where's BBD ? - Vincent de Marco
Hey ppl, I remember Mr. Big Bad Dave talking about getting off to London...
Wanted to buy him a drink cause I just left my forest near the Ukraine border and hit Warsaw.
I wonder when he'll be back ?
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Where's BBD ? - Vincent de Marco
Guess he's on the London Motorshow, I completely forgot abou it :/
Without him they can't even DTP our weekly car mag properly ...
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Free enterprise is the basis of western economy.
Where's BBD ? - Big Bad Dave
I'm back in Warsaw but just till tomorrow VdeM - Call me 510 26 33 69

A few months ago after having two coil failures on the V6 I asked backroomers how to fix them myself and sure enough had another failure last week in the middle of nowhere. I was able to isolate the failed coil by disconnecting them one by one and listening to the engine note and replace it with a spare - all in all, less than ten minutes. I can't tell you how grateful I am, not only for rescuing me from tricksy situation, but for making me look cool in front of my wife who thinks I have no alpha-male skills whatsoever, apart from brawling and setting fire to things.

Unfortunately, it happened again last night. Chances are it'll be one on the rear bank of cylinders this time, which won't be so easy to get to. Shall I change all three while I'm at it. What's causing these failures? When I scrutinized the history of this car, I noticed it was recalled early in it's life because of coil problems. Are Peugeot brand coils just crap, should I replace them with Bosch or something?

Cheers, Dave
Where's BBD ? - Altea Ego
You should really change all of them in one go. I assume the ones that went are the ones you havent changed?

These things appear to fail in batches, so if they all come from the same batch, you can be assured they will all fail in a fairly small time period.

BTW is there more to being alfa male than drunken brawling, setting fire to things, and chicks?

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Where's BBD ? - Big Bad Dave
When the second coil failed I suggest at the garage that they change them all and they gave me a filthy "more money than sense" look. Actually TVM I think it was yourself that gave the advice on how to track down a failed coil so (through gritted teeth) I thank you.

You could also add television to that list.
Where's BBD ? - Greg R
Big Bad Dave: are you getting the car repaired in Poland? What is labour like there for this type of work? My parents are polish, and I am just curious

Where's BBD ? - Big Bad Dave
The first two failures were repaired in a Peugeot garage. They charged 100zl to recover the vehicle - £17. They charged the same to plug in and diagnose the fault - £17. Labour is £19.50 an hour. Coils are about £25.

I'll repair it myself though, now that I have the skills...
Where's BBD ? - Citroënian {P}
brawling and setting fire to things

{laughing} These are the things that should be back on the national curriculm

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Where's BBD ? - blue_haddock
In stoke on trent they still are!

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