Ex Rental Cars - firestorm
Does anyone know where the best place to get 6 months old pre reg cars . I would be also interested if anyone has an info on the ex rentals car as I have been told they get rid of the cars after six months. I presume these go the auction. Anyone know where. Many thanks for the help.
Ex Rental Cars - LeePower
I was speaking to someone at a car rental company the other week & they have a disposal department that sells off the older fleet, Staff get first choice on any cars that are being sold off before they get shipped off to auction.
Ex Rental Cars - Wales Forester
Auto Travel which has several Hertz franchises sell their rental cars through www.dontbuynew.com
Ex Rental Cars - firestorm
thanks I'll check the link and I might ring around a few head offices and go from there. Anyone know of the quality in the cars ie.. have the yearbox being given hell over the first 6 months.
Ex Rental Cars - bell boy
ask yourself the same question firestorm................".when i hire a car how do i treat it" and use that as your barometer,to be fair i think the bottom end stuff gets more abuse than the top stuff but thats only my opinion..
Ex Rental Cars - LeePower
Well the last 2 hire cars I drove where given a damm good thrashing & visited the rev limiter many a time.

I love the smell of burnt brake pads, clutch & tyres even more so when they are not mine.
Ex Rental Cars - bell boy
and your age is?
Ex Rental Cars - kithmo
D C Cook - Nearly new stock, well run-in, full of stone chips but extremely good value.
Ex Rental Cars - mss1tw
Hire cars are invaluable for learning things you wouldn't on your own car.

Corsa's have quite possibly the nicest gearboxes of any supermini I've driven, and they don't even seem to care whether you use the clutch or not. ;o)
Ex Rental Cars - Tony Bee
Personally I treat hire cars with great respect because they do belong to me.
But this is just my age and upbringing showing I'm afraid.

For the most amazing deals on little used cars try Car Track, Bretton Way Peterborough. 01733 333800

Assuming they are still in business of course.

No connection with them at all.
Ex Rental Cars - Falkirk Bairn
I have bought 2 ex-rental cars - A Vauxhall & a Mazda.

Both required geraboxes to be fixed within 2/3000 mls - warranty job 1,2 & reverse were stripped.

Apart from the initial problem the Astra was sold with 70K+ on the clock and no expense other than servicing, tyres, brakes etc

Mazda is now 8 yrs old and still going strong - £150 for repairs, £60 to re-gas the AC + Brakes, exhaust, tyres etc

May be I have been lucky but both were excellent buys at about 6 mth old and 30%-35% off list price.

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