Micra - Steering Lock\Wheel removal - Chris S
Does anybody know if there is any easy way to remove the sheer-bolts on a P-reg Nissan Micra's ignition lock, please?

Also the steering wheel seems to be jammed on. Do I need to buy a special puller or is there any easy way around this? My Haynes manual says not strike the wheel.
Micra - Steering LockWheel removal - LeePower
No there isnt an easy way to get the shear bolts out, If there was then there would be no point having the steering lock in the first place.

You either need to drill a pilot hole & then use a stud extractor on them or you get a punch & tap them undone.

Which ever option you go for its a job that takes a while.

For the steering wheel, Does it have an airbag?

Normally once you can get at the fixing nut or bolt you just undo it but this is the IMPORTANT bit leave it in by a few threads!

Then wriggle a smack the back of the wheel till it pops off the shaft.

If you take the bolt out & try that you end up with either wires snapped where they join inside the wheel or a broken nose.

Ive seen someone do it with a Vauxhall, 2 people told him to put the nut back on but he wouldnt listen, 5 minute of smacking the back of the wheel, It then came flying of at speed, Gave us a good laugh with all the blood pouring out.
Micra - Steering LockWheel removal - bell boy
good tips leepower i smacked and bust my lip by not putting the nut back on many years ago but ive only done it once
With the micra as said if it has an airbag you need to disconect the battery on car a good 10 minutes before you do anything so as to disipate the charge that is in the capacitor (all built into the airbag on this model so extreme caution needed)
I find with the micra a good firm grip at quarter past and quarter to with a pulling action normally gets these off.....do not hit anything with a hammer
Take the indicator stalk thing off and you will get to the ignition barrel easier so as to remove it.
If your car has been subject to attempted theft? then you will find that the outer steering shaft will need moddling back into factory shape to facilitate replacement of a new ignition barrel housing.
Remember this year is a "red key" model and the car wont start without the original key and the reader that clips round the barrel

post back if more help needed
Micra - Steering LockWheel removal - dieselhead
Not sure if this applies to later model micras but all nissans I have owned needed two long M8 bolts screwed into the boss of the wheel to allow a puller to be used to remove the wheel.
Micra - Steering LockWheel removal - Chris S
Thanks for the advice - I bought the car from an auction. It had been stolen and recovered, I've replaced the door locks but the ignition lock is more of a problem.

I think I might just leave it on and use the red key 'stub' that came with it to carry-on starting the car.

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