Fiesta Gear Change Problem - innocent
Hello everyone,

Over the last few days I've been find the gear change quite stiff, especially on gears 3 & 4, on my '99 Ford Fiesta 1.25 LX.

Today it got worse, I really struggled to select 3rd & 4th at all. There's no crunching, it just feels like I'm locked out. I was able to limp home by pumping the the clutch until it would let me find the gear (or just leaping from 2nd to 5th when I could).

It was also giving me a few issues when slowing down to approach roundabouts and junctions, almost stalling at times, which makes me think (and hope) that it's a clutch issue, rather than gearbox.

Does anyone have some experience of this?

Many thanks in advance.
Fiesta Gear Change Problem - robcars
can you change into all gears easily when the engine is turned off and stationery?

Can you change into all gears easily wehn the engine is on and stationery?

if its more difficult on 2nd line above does it make any difference if you pump the clutch pedal a few times as you do it?
Fiesta Gear Change Problem - innocent
Thanks for the reply.

I've just tested it and when the car is stationary changing gears is fine, both with the engine on and off. So the problem seems to be when I've travelling at speed only.

The engine also idles fine when stationary, only spluttering when decreasing speed.
Fiesta Gear Change Problem - robcars
sounds like 2 or more seperate faults.

I think gearchange is a selection problem more than gearbox or clutch. Perhaps linkage is loose and moving when car moving?

Engine stuttering etc is not directly related to gear faults, need more info really.

Can u start car in 3rd, with clutch depressed and then drive away. try it downhill first, you may need to slip clutch a bit to get it going. Can u then change into 4th and back to 3rd or to any other gear and then back to 3rd?

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