Mazda 323 noises - mikewesto
I've got a Mazda 323F 1998. I bought it 6 months ago and soon after began to make a 'knocking' noise whenever I was braking and turning at the same time.

It seems to happen at each corner but mostly front offside and I can usually feel it through the brake pedal.

It is getting progressively worse but it only ever happens when braking and turning. I thought it could be worn suspension bushes but have had this problem before on another car and it made a noise whenever I went over a sharp bump.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Mazda 323 noises - mss1tw
Balljoint maybe.
Mazda 323 noises - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}
SWMBO has a 2001 version and no problems like yours.
Do not think they had ABS so probably not that kicking in.
Anti roll bar mounts worn?
I wasna fu but just had plenty.
Mazda 323 noises - Dereksn51
If you're feeling it through the brake pedal and it only happens when you brake I'd be inclined to suspect a warped disc
Mazda 323 noises - Pete M
I'd tend to suspect the CV joints or front wheel bearings. I once went through a long saga with a Mazda 626 which made a noise like yours. After changing both CV joints, the problem ended up as the front wheel bearing, which is a large one-piece thing.
Mazda 323 noises - mikewesto
Thanks for your help, will take a look.
Mazda 323 noises - Mazda Owner
I used to have a Mazda 323F 1998 model that also had the same problem - a knocking noise when braking and turning. Turned out to be the brake caliper pins. Mazda were then aware of the problem and there were several technical service bulletins issued on this topic.
Mazda 323 noises - kithmo
Sounds like possibly a cracked disc to me. If so it needs immediate attention, I suggest you do not drive it, if a piece of the disc falls out then the wheel will lock and spin the car.

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