A3 TDi 170 & Quattro - paul45
Right then

Getting a bit bored of my A3 140 tdi and saw recently that audi have launched a 170 bhp version in quattro.

Has anyone experience of this engine yet - especially in quattro guise?

A3 TDi 170 & Quattro - daveyjp
The 170PS has only just been released for order so ownership experience will be difficult to find - try a seat owners website as the 170 was first released in the new Leon. Audi site is currently not showing 170PS AND Quattro as an option.
A3 TDi 170 & Quattro & 170 Bhp Leon - paul45
A3 sport is available as a 170bhp and in quattro according to the local dealer when I spoke to them on Friday. Good point though about no real driving experience - according to same dealer FWD version is the pretty quick but has the tendency to spin the fronts often.....

To widen the search - anyone with any 170bhp Leon experience - specifically if you had a 140 bhp version before.

A3 TDi 170 & Quattro & 170 Bhp Leon - Brianb
have you thought about super chiping your 140bhp A3? This will probably give you the same gains as the new 170bhp for about £450, you can still swap for the new A3 if you want the Quattro after this.
A3 TDi 170 & Quattro & 170 Bhp Leon - paul45
Hadn't thought of that - thanks. Been a bit busy recently to answer this. Sorry.

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