Random warning lights 52 Punto 1.2 8v - percy
Daughters car, so I don't get to see this random fault occurring. During warranty this car had problems with the airbag light flashing intermittently. Fiat struggled and eventually got it sorted, though no clues as to what had caused it. During these visits to Fiat various instrument warning lights would come on for no apparent reason, possibly some wiring plugs had been disturbed.
The car has been fine since the above episode about 12 months ago. However today after the 10 mile journey to work and having turned the ignition off the oil, engine management and the over temperature lights came on and stayed on when the car was locked up. Work called then.

Her words now.
Went down later to have a look and the 3 lights were still on. So I started the engine (with the door open) and they all went off, except the handbrake one (cos it was on). Then I turned the engine off and they all went off except the door open light. This stayed on even after the door was shut and locked. So I opened the door again and got in and shut the door and started the engine again. The light went off. I turned the engine off and the temperature red light and engine control system and oil light stayed on. Turned on and off again and they all went off! Maybe it's a problem with the wiring in the dashboard?? (relating to repairs above).

Obviously something is a bit loose somewhere, has anybody had these problems before and can shed some light please? Could it be the timer board or a relay perhaps?
Random warning lights 52 Punto 1.2 8v - Chris S
Sounds like a frayed wire earthing when it touches something metal.
Random warning lights 52 Punto 1.2 8v - percy
I agree, it could be a poor earth or dry joints in the Multi Timer Unit.
The lights, oil, management, sometimes over temp and handbrake mostly light when the engine has been running and then turned off. If you just turn the ignition on and off again the above lights invariably seem to light. Starting the engine and waiting for all lights to extinguish then stopping it seems to reset the system.
Trouble is most of the wiring appears to pass through the MTU. I would take the MTU out for inspection if I could find it - Haynes doesn't reveal the location. Anybody know where it is located?
Random warning lights 52 Punto 1.2 8v - percy
We eventually gave up with this problem and went to Fiat. They diagnosed a poor connection at the rear of the instrument cluster, which they re-made. So now there are no random lights just a bill for £44. I'll know for next time!

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