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Anyone have one of these? Had mine 3 months and 3000 miles now - doing 39 mpg overall, bit lower per gallon than I had hoped for. Mixed usage so far, average run is over 9 miles minimum with some longer journeys. It may loosen up a bit more yet, but does anyone else run one and know what mpg they're getting?

DSG box is great, little bit lumpy at low speeds but great to live with. Pleased with the car overall.
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Don't have one myself, actually drive an ibiza. But having hung round for a while I've seen a few threads on the forums. I think what you're seeing now is about right, it should loosen up with a few more miles and it'll do better on longer trips. I've read the 2.0 isn't as frugal as the 1.9 and the DSG doesn't help either.

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I've done over 16,000 km in a Golf 2.0 TDI DSG and have averaged 48+ mpg overall, although it was only giving 44+ for the first couple of months. Rural environment. Not too much of the "Sports" mode!
seat altea 2.0tdi dsg fuel consumption - AllTorque
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Eek, am getting an A3 with same engine/gearbox.. hope it does more than 39.
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August Whatcar has a review of the Altea 2.0 TDi DSG they averaged 43 mpg over 23,000 miles (lowest mpg 30 he must have miscalculated that trip, or left it running and gone nowhere for hours!). I have the A3 with the same set up and over the last 3,500 miles have achieved a similar figure with predominantly urban journeys. The new 2.0TDi isn't as frugal as the venerable 1.9 TDi units.

Another issue with the Whatcar review was the front tyres - worn out after 10,000 miles and journo reckons he hasn't thrashed it! He blames the high torque of the engine, but with DSG wheel spinning antics should be a thing of the past. The A3 has done 21,500 and the original Michelins still have plenty left.

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