More pothole woes... - jonbenj
I've just read with interest last week's thread on potholes. I was unfortunate enough to hit a crater on the A80 last night resulting in one badly bent alloy. Best advice from my local garage is to replace the tyre as well, although not obviously damaged. The laugh so far is that Fiat don't appear to haveany replacement alloys in the country (Seicento Sporting), with best quoted delivery so far of 15th March, which means I'll be forced to claim my insurance to keep mobile.
Does anybody know if I can reasonably expect my insurers to pursue a claim against the Agency "responsible" for the road (AMEY apparently.... and I thought they made soy sauce), thus preserving my mediocre no claims, or is that down to me?

Re: More pothole woes... - Mark (Brazil)

I would try yourself first though.
Re: More pothole woes... - lada riva owner.
Why dont you try getting a standard steel wheel, i know its ugly, but it would keep you mobile, and save your insurance.
Re: More pothole woes... - Tomo
It was admittedly some years ago, but a character I knew had his MGB's exhaust taken off somewhere in Cumbria due to a road defect, and managed to claim the responsible authority.

Seems a bit remiss of Fiat, though.

Good luck, Tomo
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I've had two claims settled by different London Boroughs after ruining tyres on potholes. I would imagine, though, that while they pay out quite readily for a fairly standard tyre, if the claim was to cost them serious money they might make a fight of it.
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Some pedestrians in a certain large sea-port town up North are famous for claiming compensation due to dodgy paving slabs so why should a motorist not be compensated for damage to his wheels?

Only fair, innit?

This is why many pavements in a large Northern sea-port are now tarmac.
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Try the direct route first but make sure you notify your insurer immediately of the details otherwise you may have difficulty getting them to pursue it at a later date - they may insist on taking it on for you. Follow the previous thread advice and ensure you have irrefutable evidence, ie photos etc.


Where in Cumbria did you friend damage his B? He didn't happen to be on a rally over the passes did he, there are usually a few casualties on these organised events.

If anyone wants to see some potholes try the road from Ambleside to Kirkstone, there are some monsters at present thanks to the recent weather.
Rob S
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Just in the process of claiming £85 off the local Conty Borough for a new tyre and wheel alignment check.

I hit a monster pothole at 40mph in the dark & pouring rain. The result was an immediate deflation, the alloy (fortunately) stayed intact.

Don't forget to include the cost of a 4-wheel alignment and suspension check in your claims.

For info, the council have immediately passed on the claim to its insurers.

A quick check with our local accident repair centre showed that several others had hit the same hole last w/e, resulting in some severe damage to vehicles.

How much does the British motorist pay in tax to this grasping government each year???

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