Pushing my luck - mss1tw
Don't want to jinx myself but:

The clock on the Toledo reads 60,050.

The cambelt is original.

Previous owner seemed sensible and I doubt it's been thrashed. Has anyone else 'extended' the belt interval on the VAG 1.9 TDI's and lived to tell the tale? Has a full SSH.
Pushing my luck - local yokel
You can be fairly hopefull that an item specified for replacement at xx miles will have been tested as going for twice as much before any chance of failure gets too great.

That said, is there anything stopping you from doing it in the next few weeks?
Pushing my luck - Altea Ego
you do know that VAG now specify 40k miles?

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Pushing my luck - BazzaBear {P}
What's the point in pushing it?
How much does a cambelt change cost?
How much does an engine change cost?
Pushing my luck - mss1tw
Do they? As far as I knew that was for 1.4 petrols and PD engines...
Pushing my luck - Nomag
Correct, the change was for PD diesels, the old 110 non-pd lump still has 60k change intervals
Pushing my luck - steveo3002
just have it done , cheaper than letting it fail
Pushing my luck - Altea Ego
My point was to the poster who said it was designed for twice as long as stated in the service schedule.

I think that VW statement knocks that argument dead.
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Pushing my luck - mss1tw
Cheers guys - I guess it's not really a question you can answer.

I don't mean taking it to 80,000 or something silly like that, just maybe running it for another week or two.

Pushing my luck - Nsar
I don't understand the point. The risk of extending the life is very low but the cost saving seems miniscule if it exists at all. JDI
Pushing my luck - mss1tw
The point is I'm broke ;o)

£350 for a cambelt change is more possible but mean overdrafts and borrowing money...
Pushing my luck - mss1tw
What on earth happened to my English?

350 for a cambelt change is possible but means overdrafts and borrowing money...
Pushing my luck - Nsar
I was quoted £200 for the belt on my Audi in central Manchester so shop around.
Pushing my luck - ziggy
I was quoted £200 for the belt on my Audi in
central Manchester so shop around.

If it's an important job you need either a main dealer or a specialist. I recall the price for 1.9TDis was approx 500 uk pds (circa.1998). I always thought it was more difficult to change cam belt on diesels/TDis, hence the high price. So I would certainly want someone familiar with the procedure.

Pushing my luck - Chad.R
I'd try and get it done ASAP - Shop around for a good price and then pay by credit card, that would give me a few weeks to sort the money out.
Pushing my luck - artful dodger {P}
Years ago I had a Nissan Micra. I did not realise that it required a cam belt change at 60,000 miles or 6 years. The main dealer failed to mention it at the previous service. It was only by pure fluke I found out about it when the car was 6 and a half years old and 48,000 miles.

I booked it in for a major service and cam belt change for about 3 weeks later.

In the interim, the cam belt broke whilst driving at 30 mph. It meant the head had to be removed as 2 valves were bent. The garage automatically wanted to skim the head as well, but I made them check whether it needed it (it did not).

My advice would be to shop around for a good price and get it done as soon as possible. The extra cost of waiting could be far more expensive, and in your financial position the risk is something you cannot afford if it breaks.

I read frequently, but only post when I have something useful to say.
Pushing my luck - mare

i had an Octavia with the same engine as your Toledo. I bought it at 67,000 miles. The cambelt had been changed at 60,000 miles.

However, the tensioner failed at 109,000 miles and while they didn't appear to be much damage (the cambelt jumped a tooth or two apparently), it ran like a bag of nails, very noisy, flat spots etc. I part exed in the end, too much grief and too much else going on, so i don't know if it ever got resolved.

When you get the cambelt done, insist on getting the tensioner done as well.

Pushing my luck - mss1tw
Good point mare - have you anyi dea how much extra that would add to the bill?
Pushing my luck - mss1tw
Here is probably the best place to ask: Can anyone recommend somewhere in Surrey to do a cambelt change? I've heard of even dealers mucking them up, and I couldn't afford main dealer rates anyway.

The best one so far is AH Autos as featured in the Good Garages guide, who have been very helpful but unfortunately they're booked up till the 27th. They seem like a very good place though.
Pushing my luck - mare
Good point mare - have you anyi dea how much extra
that would add to the bill?

A small extra cost in the order of £5-£10 i think.
Pushing my luck - mss1tw
I'll definitely get that done - thanks mare!

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