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Hello everyone,

As a complete novice, just hoping for a quick bit of help.

I have been researching the car-by-car breakdown on this website, and have read through many of Sir Honest John's articles in the telegraph, where he recommends changing the ATF on the multitronic gearboxes at 40,000 miles, and every 2 years (I may have misunderstood this, but this is what I understand).

The thing I am not sure about, is it necessary to have this done on one of the basic Tiptronic gearboxes (roughly 1999 year car), every 2 years? I have read that on these gearboxes, they are "sealed for life". Again, I am not entirely sure if this is exactly correct.
Also, presuming that the car hasn't had the ATF changed - does that mean a lot of problems (The car has a Full Audi Service History, and is on 60k)?

Many thanks in advance to you all in advance.
ATF change on auto A6? - Falkirk Bairn
In a recent Autoexpress a 3 yr old A6 auto packed up at 44,000 and warranty was refused by Audi as the car had not had the ATF changed at 40,000.

Owner was fastidious in servicing but the garage did not tell him to get the fluid changed between services.

After intervention of the magazine Audi fixed the car under warranty.

So it looks like an ATF change every 40K is essential
ATF change on auto A6? - Hamsafar
If you go to the dealer and ask to have it done, they'll just tell you there's no point! That's what they've all done to me, and I ask different people when I go.

It isn't sealed for life, it's filled for life with ESSO LT 7114 - that's the only one ZF/VW approve in that box.
There is a drain plug at the bottom on the side IIRC, and the fill plug is on the bottom and when removed exposes the inside of a vertical tube which acts as a level. You have to use a pipe to squirt the new fluid into this tube such that it will not run straight back down the filling pipe you're using.
ATF change on auto A6? - Aprilia
IMHO you can never change ATF often enough. The idea of 'filled for life' with ATF is just crazy. ATF works really hard and shears down.
ATF change on auto A6? - carnovice
Wow, thank you very much to you all for your replies.

As you probably guessed, I'm a complete novice and only picked this information up by researching wtih this website. The main reason why I thought I needed to ask about this, was because a friend of mine has an auto Nissan Primera that is now on roughly 190k, and he says he has never changed the ATF on his car. Its fully maintained according to him with major/minor services. He says his car runs smoothly??? In fact, this "friend" said that as long as the gearbox is still running it should be ok, and if it ever gets lumpy, just to change the fluid then. Clearly he's of the "if it aint broke don't fix it" variety, but surely this isn't right, especially after listening to your advice?

Whilst on the topic of the A6, are there any other major things that need maintaing? The only thing I know that needs changing (apart from the standard items like Oil, brake fluid etc.) is the cambelt and waterpump etc, and that's every 4 years/60k isn't it?

Again, thank you very much to you all.

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