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Does anyone know anything about a new FIAT 500? They had a concept at the Motorshow in Brum a couple of years back and the site has some confusing marketing about the return of the 500 - mostly people pulling faces for some reason.

I'd be very interested in getting one if they did come back - does anyone know any specific details of what's happening?! Think it might well rival the MINI for cuteness, or it should do anyway!

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FIAT 500 - mrmender
Car did something about it a couple of issues back, apperantly it will share a platform with the next Ford KA I think i'm correct in saying that they will be based on a Panda platform
FIAT 500 - P3t3r

I'm a Fiat owner, and lover, but I am a little worried about this 500. It is probably going to go like most modern cars, too big, and boring. If the rumours are true (eg. 1.4 Turbo) then I also wonder whether they'll be able to aim the car at the right market. I've driven the Panda, and was very dissapointed with it, although it's probably better than the competition :-(
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rumours are true (eg. 1.4 Turbo)

Does that not make it a fiat 1400?
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New Fiat 500:

Happy to help ;)
FIAT 500 - BazzaBear {P}
Well, new-er anyway.

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