Removing ABI cat from register - shashi
i once read somewhere that it was possible for VOSA to check the car and if it passes, it can be removed from the registe as being a write-off?

is there any truth in this, discuss?
Removing ABI cat from register - shashi
anyone heard of
Removing ABI cat from register - bell boy

once on v car the jobs done someones been paid out someones got a cheaper car its tainted and always will be.......end of
buy to enjoy or keep my advice.
nowt to do with vosa either unless it needs a vic check .
Removing ABI cat from register - martint123
That site you refer to says they can remove vehicle from the register after an inspection. I'd like to know how? The car I'm running now (and had five years) is on the register as a class D - uneconomical to repair (at factory spare prices). The fact the a new front and rear bumper costs around £1500 to replace and paint was enough to write it off. Replacements form a scrap yard costs next to nothing so an inspection would show no damage (there wasn't any underlying damage behind the bumpers). If it only cost £200 to get an inspection and off the register then both the insurance companies and small traders would be doing this all the time.

Something odd somewhere. The register, AFAIK, records total losses to insurance companies - so no matter what is done to repair a vehicle, it will always have been a total loss.

I understand some of the insurers have been "cheating" and registering cars and bikes as cat "X" - this is not recorded and thus gets them a better price at salvage auctions as they can go back on the road without anyone knowing.

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