Honda Jazz 1.4 DSI S + optional AC - Perfection
We just been to test driven the Jazz. Drives well, but when we put on the Air Conditioning, there is a screaching noise (Spelling??) coming from the engine. We pointed out to the salesman and he said its the compressor or belt need fixing. What do you guys think? The noise is intermitttant.

The car has full service history, 1 owner, 36k miles on the clock, 03 plate, good condition. Selling at £7k.

The AC is an optional extra which was added to the base model (S). Had anyone else got this similar problem?

The Honda garage reassured us that the problem will be put right when the car is purchased. We told them that we weren't comfortable buying the car with the problem. We decided to walk away, the salesman said they will put in right this week and give us a call next week if we want to test drive again.

We're new to the Jazz, so we don't really know much about any known issues with the car (if any). As many have noticed that we;re looking into the Polo, Yaris and now the Jazz. SO we're opening our scope to increase buying a good car.

Assuming they have fixed the problem and get an invite to test drive the car, we will look at other Jazz SE model which will have the AC and sunroof, but cost a few hundred pounds more.

Any feedback is appreciated.
Honda Jazz 1.4 DSI S + optional AC - Happy Blue!
It's only the accesory belt thats a bit loose. Just needs tightening up a bit and it will be fine.
Honda Jazz 1.4 DSI S + optional AC - bell boy
noise is intermittant Espada III {P} you would think if it was only a slipping belt an inspection prior to offering it for sale when the boxes would be ticked would have shown this up? or doesnt it apply to pre worn £7000 tin boxes? i wouldnt buy it if the garage dont have a pre sale inspection sheet
Honda Jazz 1.4 DSI S + optional AC - Dave N
A slipping belt or a seizing compressor. Niether a good sign on a car that should already have been prepared and is up for sale.
Honda Jazz 1.4 DSI S + optional AC - Perfection
When the noise occurs, the engine shakes slightly. We're not sure if the belt is slipping. The noise occurs maybe once every 3- 5 minutes and last for a few seconds (about 3- 5 seconds).

We will look at other Jazz before going back to test drive (assuming we get a call back from the garage telling us that the noise problem is fxed). This is the first Jazz we test driven so not so sure on its behaviour.

We agree that the car seems expensive for a box of tin as someone stated above.

Honda Jazz 1.4 DSI S + optional AC - Altea Ego
I think its dear anyway. You should be able to find this car a plate letter younger, in se trim, for 7k
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Honda Jazz 1.4 DSI S + optional AC - 1066
i dont think id want to buy from a garage that doesnt check cars properly before offering a test drive.
there must be lots of jazz about at a better price or go for se
Honda Jazz 1.4 DSI S + optional AC - Avant
Definitely go for an SE - it has other bits that the S doesn't have. The Sport isn't worth the extra, as the differences are almost all cosmetic.

More recenty the S has come with a 1.2 engine, which sounds underpowered for a biggish supermini., SWMBO had one of the first Jazzes (a 1.4 SE as it was called though actually it's 1339 cc) - excellent car but not very fast.

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