Renault 19 Manifold - Mookfish
Does anyone know if the inlet manifold is the same on a carbed engine as on a single point injection? They are both 1.4 energy engines. Also would one from a different size of the energy engine fit?
Renault 19 Manifold - bell boy
Best to ring a renault breaker specialist on this one i think
Renault 19 Manifold - DavidHM
Er... what different size Energy engine would that be?

The Energy engine is an E-type which, certainly with an 8v head, was only available in 1.4 litres. The 1.2 16v of the much later Clio might be an E-type engine but the 1.7 and 1.8 engines were F-type, a completely different unit, and the other 1.2 and 1.4 engines were C-types. The later 1.2 Clio engine (1171 vs 1137 cc springs to mind) is technically related to the Energy but is known by Renault as a D-type.

Can't help you on whether the carb and injection engines use the same manifold though (my R19 was a 1.7 F2N carb) but I wouldn't have thought so.

Your best bet is either to try someone like Just Renaults in London E15 (020 8555 5060) who are a specialist Renault breaker/workshop or or another online spares service.
Renault 19 Manifold - Mookfish
Someone told me that some early 90's clios had a 1.2 energy engine, seems they where wrong.

Well still no luck with the local breakers, or from the online breakers I tryed, going to try now, thanks.

The problem with the manifold is where the water enters, the pipe has fallen off and unfortunatly the over end of this goes into the head.

I have managed to bolt in a plumbing type fitting, so it is working, but honestly I'd rather get a new(scrap) manifold for it and am unwilling to pay the £400 that renault quoted me.
Renault 19 Manifold - bell boy
Mookfish ive just been looking at a "j" 90/91 plate clio sport this i am sure is the enging you want to be looking for?

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