H reg golf pre-ignition - nutter
I don't know too much about this, but I've been told it's pre-ignition, ie. when you swith off the engine and it keeps chugging for a few seconds then sputters and dies.

It was serviced and they were meant to sort it out.

What causes this and is there anything I can do to short of major surgery?
H reg golf pre-ignition - Roberson
Not sure about pre-ignition, but I've always referred to it as 'running-on', where the engine continues to run after the ignition has been switched off. Years ago, it used to be caused by a build up of carbon deposits on the valves and piston tops, which would be so hot it would ignite any residual fuel drawn into the engine after the ignition was turned off. Pre-ignition on the other hand, sometimes referred to as 'pinking' due to the noise it creates, is similar but at the same time, different. Pre ignition is where the glowing hot deposits cause the fuel/air mixture to ignite too early, before the spark plug ignites the mixture. It only occurs when the engine is running and is often signified by a metallic 'pinking' noise upon acceleration, and a drop in performance. The latter can also be caused by incorrect ignition timing.

Can you confirm for us which of the two you are experiencing? Running-on, or pre-ignition?

Hope it all makes sense!
H reg golf pre-ignition - nutter
It's the running on that you describe that's happening.

From what you're saying, I imagine that you can get both running on and pinking. I think I get pikning too, but may be a liitle difficult to tell because it's a bit of a loud old banger.

Any suggestions what to do with the running on?

Thanks for your help
H reg golf pre-ignition - Screwloose

Broadly; running-on is usually caused by an excessive idle speed. Most carburettors[?] have an "anti-diesel" valve that shuts-off the idle fuel when the ignition goes off. There are a number of specific faults that can occur on the various carbs fitted to Golfs of that vintage. How about some engine details?
H reg golf pre-ignition - Civic8
pinking is timing too far advanced,usually noticed when engine under load,pre ignition is when carbon builds up and gets very hot and causes the fuel air mixture to ignite even when engine ignition shut off

Decoke will cure it,involving a head stripdown and cleanup including valves and valve regrind
H reg golf pre-ignition - mfarrow
I'd try some redex and a 30 mile blast down the motorway before resorting to a strip-down de-coke.

Mike Farrow

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