mx5 cam belt - apm
Anyone know if the 1.8i MX5 engine is a cam belt or chain? GF has just bought one, thought I'd check if it's needing a change soon.


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mx5 cam belt - Xileno {P}
I'm sure it's a belt.
mx5 cam belt - Rover25
Its a belt. Cost me £80 inc the belt at a good indy garage on mine last year.
mx5 cam belt - stackman
Yup, it's a belt and it's fairly cheap to replace. Engine is non-interference IIRC but best to get it done anyway.
mx5 cam belt - Vansboy
You might like to check out the owners club

mx5 cam belt - martint123
Belt, ISTR around 70k miles between changes. Failure of belt means a tow, not engine damage. Can be changed in an afternoon at home. MX5parts quotes:-

Camshaft Timing Belt Kit.
This kit contains everything you need. A new timing belt, a timing belt idler pulley, a timing belt tensioner pulley, a tensioner spring and a cam cover gasket (Genuine Mazda).
It is also worth considering changing the camshaft and crankshaft oil seals at the same time.
All models, 1989>2005
£49.95 inc vat



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