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Sat morning on the M23 there was an accident around 05.00,(I hope no one was seriously hurt),but why at 06.00,with no vehicles remaining, were 2 lanes still shut, causing even at that time in the morning miles of tail backs.
Why do those who force their way into the only lane open, always at break neck speed,proceed past the scene of the accident so slowly, they almost cause another accident, and never go as fast again.
And why, worst of all did the accident not appear on any gantry until 100 yards beyond junct 8 of the M25, too late to take alternative routes.
I remember several years ago a major accident on the M40 near Birmingham occur on the way up from London, at 9am, it was still shut on the way back at 18.00, why, this from my limited experience would have been cleared up much quicker abroad.
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Porbably damage to the carriageways.
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,(I hope no one was seriously hurt)

They were. Minibus overturned with 11 people on board, two in hospital with serious injuries.
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At around 06.40 all lanes were open, but, with quite slow moving traffic.

Why no advance warning on the gantry signs? Why no warning on the M25 before J8, so that drivers can turn off and go through Reigate?

Can you get a sensible answer from The Ministry of Transport ( or whatever it is called nowadays)?

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