citroen key replacement @ £100.00!!! - andyfordescort
I've bought a 02 citroen van a few back and need a spare key cut, i'm told only citroen can do this as its a chipped key (not central locking type) and they want £100.00 pounds for the pleasure.
Is there any one else i can try i hate the thought of paying that much just for a key, this is why i always use independant garages for servicing etc dealers can be sooooo expensive.
citroen key replacement @ £100.00!!! - bell boy
ring around in yellow pages is my advice i dont know if a citroen van key can be cloned.
citroen key replacement @ £100.00!!! - Dynamic Dave
See if these guys can help.
citroen key replacement @ £100.00!!! - Collos25
You should have a credit type card which you cam scrub the coating off and it gives a number unique to the vehicle .You need this number to match the new key to the ECU if you have not got it then Citroen should provide you with it for a fee no doubt.If it is a chipped key then I think that you are stuck with Citroen.I had the same problem with a C5 and a recently with a Nissan and after all sorts of advice on who could and can do it only the agents actually could £65 for the C5 and £145 for the Nissan.
citroen key replacement @ £100.00!!! - andyfordescort
I do have the card luckily without it would have cost even more!!!!
Looks like im snookered but thanks for the replies.
citroen key replacement @ £100.00!!! - andyfordescort
Tryed the link Dave but i would not be able to post off my only key need to use the van daily and knowing my luck it would be lost :0)
citroen key replacement @ £100.00!!! - Dynamic Dave
I've just remembered a suggestion that occasionally gets a mention on another forum I look at.

Give Timpsons a try.
citroen key replacement @ £100.00!!! - PhilW
"a chipped key (not central locking type)"

I don't understand this point - surely if it isn't remote central locking, surely it is just a key that can be cut because it just needs to fit the keyhole. My Multispace has one remote key and one "ordinary" key which fits the keyhole, if the blanks are available can't it just be cut by "Mr Minute"? Or am I barking up the wrong tree? Or are the blanks not available?
citroen key replacement @ £100.00!!! - Dynamic Dave
From what I understand of it, yes blanks are readily available, but inside the keyfob itself is a transponder chip that needs marrying up to the vehicle immobiliser. Without the chip all you'll be able to do is unlock the door.
citroen key replacement @ £100.00!!! - andyfordescort
Yup thats right Dave..i will try my local timpson branch tommorow and let you no how i get on.
citroen key replacement @ £100.00!!! - barchettaman
Try this chap:

as he can do Fiat ones.
citroen key replacement @ £100.00!!! - Hamsafar

They can usually do them for about £40, on some cars they clone the existing key and transponder, if it's a remote fob too, they usually need the security code and to programme a new remote to the vehicle.

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