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I ordered my new Astra Sport hatch through a broker and have to say the service was very good. On my order form I asked for the CDC40 stereo upgrade, and was charged accordingly.

When the car arrived sevral weeks later, I had the standard CD30 stereo, but had the CDC suspension instead. The supplying dealer had read the options wrong.

I've now been told it is not possible to retro fit the CDC40, and their solution was to offer me a completely new Vauxhall aftermarket head unit and CD autochager. All good then except that it won't work with the separate display on the dash, and it will look like an aftermarket unit and that has probs with thieves etc. Also if I get the aftermarket unit I will lose the trip computer as this is part of the stereo.

So people what are my options? I want my CD autochanger, and everything else that I SHOULD have? Is it really not possible to retro fit the CDC40 (any Vaux experts on here?).

Your thoughts/comments please?

Have to say other than this the service has been great so far, well done discountcarshop!
06 Astra stereo - Xileno {P}
I would have rejected the car, they've not done what you asked. If they mis-read the order sheet, that's their problem.
Anyway, you may not want to go down that route so I would be looking for some compensation for the cost of foregone option and some redress for inconvenience.
06 Astra stereo - SpamCan61 {P}
Why not just phone up the local Vx dealer and ask the question? I'd be very suprised if the upgrade is not possible; I wouldn't want to go the aftermarlet route for the reasons mentioned.

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