Audi Climate Control - daveyjp
Audi A3 Sportback with two zone climate control. Had car since new and in all that time I have had the 'Auto Air Recirculation' button on - dealer advised it as being the best way of operating the system. This monitors the air and when polluted air is detected it switches from allowing outside air to enter the cabin to recirculating the cabin air. Yesterday the light was out so I pressed it and it went out straight away as though the system wasn't operating. Turned car off, turned back on and light lit for a few seconds. Looked in manual and only mention is that when the system is switched on it will recirculate for a maximum of 12 minutes to prevent windows steaming up and to allow fresh air in the cabin, but from my experience the system won't actually turn off and the light remains illuminated. A fault with the system is shown by the ECON light being lit constantly.

Tried auto recirc button all this morning and no luck in getting it to stay on, decided to call in at dealer, half way there I press it again and it now works.

Is there something I'm missing in how it operates or is it faulty?
Audi Climate Control - Andy P
Don't know if it's the same idea but the climate control on the Accord automatically goes into recirulate until the temperature inside the car reaches the set point - only then does the recirculate light go out and it allows outside air into the car.

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