1997 Mondeo 1.8td wheel bearing - spikeyhead {p}
I've got a wheel bearing type noise coming from the front nearside of my battered, but mechanically good mondeo.

Could it be anything else, there doesn't appear t be any movement when moving the wheel top to bottom with it jacked up>

How difficult are they to change the bearings or is it necessary as with so many modern cars to buy a new hub?
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1997 Mondeo 1.8td wheel bearing - van man
the front bearings are a press in type there not hard to do provideing that you have a press,you could use the old hub if you heat the inner race up to expand it but let the hub cool down naturly your looking about an hour be carefull when diagnosing front wheel drive noises as noise travels thru the driveshafts use a mechanics stethascope if your experienced if not get a qualified mechanic to check it for you DONT PUT STETHASCOPE ON A MOVING PART SAFETY FIRST MATE....
1997 Mondeo 1.8td wheel bearing - bell boy
do what stripping you can and let the local indi fit the bearing in the hub for you........even i stopped short of having a press for this ocasional job i always farm it out if a drift wont work
1997 Mondeo 1.8td wheel bearing - spikeyhead {p}
Well its all back together and working well.

Once I'd got the wheel off I found out that not only was the bearing very very worn but the spring was also broken.

Sourced a second hand leg from the local breakers yard for £30. Swapped the discs form the old leg to the new one and had no real grief putting it all back together.

The biggest problem I had was taking the wheel of the hub to start with.

Thanks for your advice.
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