Insurance Issues - IanW1977
So I get a quote online and they phone me to confirm it's all ok.
Then I get the policy details and they have made the following Errors.
1. Engine Size
2. DOB
3. Date Passed Test

So they charge me £30 to amend the details and £60 more as they had a smaller Engine for my Reg No. !.
I'm screwed as I have paid £70 deposit.

Who can I complain to ?
Is there an Insuracne Ombudsman ?
Insurance Issues - Pugugly {P}
Ask to an UK based supervisor, have you got the printed quote from yuor computer ?
Insurance Issues - IanW1977
I have the Printed quote that they sent me with the wrong information on.
More worrying is that you give them your Reg number and they have a different sized Engine listed.
Insurance Issues - Pugugly {P}
The IO is for "When all else fails" you'll have to try it out with the company first.

Ask Honest John

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