Mondeo Duratec smoking - Pete R
Hi, just put my 2001 Mondeo through the MOT and its failed its emission tests on CO, HC and Lambda by miles.

Uses about 1 pint of oil per month, 140k on the clock.

Any known problems with the 2L Duratec engine?

Many thanks
Mondeo Duratec smoking - Peter D
Since when is a month a distance. How many miles to you do a month and what fuel consumption are you getting. Regards Peter
Mondeo Duratec smoking - Pete R
Hi, about 1500 miles a month. Going through my oil reciepts, its more like 1-2 litres a month.

I 'm affriad I have no idea about mpg as I don't buy my own fuel...... a nice arrangement I know :)

I took it to a Ford dealer this afternoon and they said that the HC reading of 2587ppm (limit is 200ppm) means that there is definately a problem. He suggested that a recon head would only lead to blowing out the bottom end and it would be false economy. Also, the cat is likely to have been damaged by the oil as the lambda reading failed the test too

New engine = £3000
Cat = £500

Car = stuffed

I might have a go at taking off the head and looking to see where the problem is myself. I've re-built a Pinto engine for my kit car, but nothing as modern as this.

Any suggestions

Mondeo Duratec smoking - cheddar
Recon engine, 2nd hand engine.
Mondeo Duratec smoking - Pete R
So no chance just the head could be swapped then :(

I only need to keep it on the road for another year until I pay it off.

£2000 - £3000 to replace the engine and cat would cost more than the car is worth, seems a shame to scrap a 2001 MK3 Mondeo.

Just in case I get a better quote, does anyone know of someone in the Oxford area that could handle this kind of work?


Mondeo Duratec smoking - cheddar
If in good order a 2.0 Ghia would be worth 4k even at this mileage, what engine / model is it?

Also as I said above look for a recon engine or a 2nd hand one from a breakers, either way it would be a lot less than that you have been quoted, and you will get a warranty.
Mondeo Duratec smoking - ib33
Hi, Can you smell burnt oil, blue smoke from the exhaust?
There are some additives you can buy from motor factors to help with oil consumption and to lower emissions, just a thought before you do any major surgery! Also are there any error codes showing up, to suggest a faulty sensor?
Good luck, Regards, Ian
Mondeo Duratec smoking - Pete R
I just went out on the driveway and tested it.

Started it up, no smoke, gave it a little gentle revs and went round the back, no smoke but the gravel was covered in oil droplets from the exhaust. After about a minute of gentle revving and checking, smoke started to come out each time I revved it but would die back on idle.

Does that help in any way?

Sounds to me like maybe oil down an exhaust valve hence it not burning until the engine had warmed a bit.....maybe

Mondeo Duratec smoking - Pete R
p.s. smoke was a white-ish colour
Mondeo Duratec smoking - Pete R
P.p.s before you ask, I have never had to top up the coolant, always sat on the Max mark, never used any at all.

Mondeo Duratec smoking - jc2
The phosphates in the oil will kill cats just like lead.
Mondeo Duratec smoking - Pete R

Am I right in thinking that as oil appears from the exhaust in a big spray pattern on the floor and that the smoke takes a while to develop indicative of an exhaust valve leak?

Also, is Mr Ford manager correct in saying that a recon head would probably blow the bottom out of a 140k engine and he would never consider doing it?

Many thanks
Mondeo Duratec smoking - TheOilBurner
Try getting a second opinion from another Ford franchise and a reptuable indpendent too.

Maybe they're hoping you'll just say "stuff it!" and the salesmen will helpfully point you towards their used car showroom...

Could still be pricey if the cat has gone and a new head or valve work needs doing, but cheaper than a newer car with instant £1500 depreciation for taking the keys off the salesmen?

Your choice...
Mondeo Duratec smoking - Pete R
Yep, thanks.

Heathrow engines have quotes me £695 all in for fitting a recon head. +£70 collection charge.

A local garage has now come back with a quote of £1400 to take out the engine, deglaze the bores, fit new rings, re-grind valves and put in new stem seals. All in £1400. A rebore would be an extra £200

So I have the choice of trying to save the old engine or putting on a recon head.... assuming it is the head.

Choices choices
Mondeo Duratec smoking - Collos25
Before you go to all this time and trouble why not change the oil and filter with some good quality stuff ,change the air filter and give it a good run on the motorway and then retest it at a different station making sure the engine is really hot.I have seen new cars burn more oil than yours so do not give up without a fight.
Mondeo Duratec smoking - Pete R
It will have to be a good stationary run on the driveway as the MOT has failed.

On that subject though, another engine specialist wouldn't touch it until I had added the following and had it re-tested.

Forte advanced motor flush

Oil fortifier for reduced smoking, etc

seal conditioner additive

About £45 from him for the lot.

Considering the failure levels for emmisions (below), is this just snake oil?

Fast idle
CO limit = 0.3%, actual = 6.637% FAIL
HC limit = 200ppm, actual = 2564ppm FAIL
Lambda limit = 0.97 actual = 0.756 FAIL

Mondeo Duratec smoking - Collos25
Do it yourself and on the way to prebooked test go via the Motorway quite legal.
Mondeo Duratec smoking - Number_Cruncher
Unless you're absolutely sure whether it's burning lots of oil or not,

>>CO limit = 0.3%, actual = 6.637% FAIL

I'd be keen on checking why the mixture is so rich. With CO at 6%, it's not unreasonable to expect poor running and hence high HC figures.

Try temporarily disconnecting the lambda probe to return the engine to running open loop, and watch the CO reading at the same time.


Mondeo Duratec smoking - Pete R
Hi, i'm pretty sure about the oil, as I mentioned, it uses 1 to 2 litres per month and when i run the car there is a good wet black covering of oil on the gravel behind the exhaust.

I'll mention to the garage about the high CO and see what they say.
Mondeo Duratec smoking - dieselhead
Agree don't consider replacing engine until mixture has been sorted out, if lambda is at 0.7 it is way too rich. Could be coolant sensor. With mixture corrected and possibly a new cat (if it doesn't recover after giving it a good run) might scrape through HC check if engine oil is flushed/changed and an additive such as 'stop smoke' might help. Make sure oil is on minimum mark on dipstick before test, plugs and air filter are clean.

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