Vectra 1.7TD Alarm Problems - Ben54
hi there i'm after some help,

1, had my vectra for a while now and a few months ago my remote central locking stopped working. (using the wireless key thing)

2, now just in the last couple of days the alarm has started to go off every time i get in the car!! i can't turn it off unless you put the keys in the ignition.

can anyone help, my missis said i will have to get rid of it if i can't stop it.
Vectra 1.7TD Alarm Problems - Caveman
Have you tried re-syncing the key as per the handbook instructions? Key in ignition and turn until the dash lights are on, then press the buttons on the keyfob. The central locking should fire if sucsessful.

I'm suprised your alarm hasn't gone off everytime you've opened the door with the key. It normally needs turning off with the fob before opening the door. Putting the key in the ignition to turn it off is the backup way of turning it off for when your keyfob doesn't work anymore.
Vectra 1.7TD Alarm Problems - Ruperts Trooper
This may seem obvious, but do the keyfob batteries need replacing? They don't last forever, 12 months is the scheduled replacement interval.

When you change the key-fob battery, the new one has to be fitted within a few seconds of taking the old one out, otherwise re-synchronisation is needed (details as Caveman).

There are small pockets of radio interference where equipment in buildings prevents the key-fob to alarm signal from being received. In these cases the door has to be unlocked using the key, rather than the remote, which will set the alarm going until the ignition is switched on. If this happens park somewhere else!
Vectra 1.7TD Alarm Problems - Ben54
cheers guys, will try tonight
Vectra 1.7TD Alarm Problems - Ben54
just tried it and it worked!! cheers guys thanks for all your help

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