factors affecting suspension bush wear - tyro
After about 18,000 miles, I'm told that the bushes on my Ford Ka are sufficiently worn to need replacing. That got me wondering about what factors would have lead to them being so well worn at this stage.

1)Obviously, the roads that one drives over will make a big difference.

2) The quality of the original bushes will also be a factor (and I gather that suspension problems are a known weakness in the Ka).

3) However, since, as every Ka driver knows, it's not what you drive, but how you drive it, I can't just blame the roads and the vehicle - my own driving style will also have an effect. Other than simply driving too quickly, are there other aspects of driving style that might be leading to premature wear and tear on the bushes?
factors affecting suspension bush wear - Xileno {P}
Hard cornering. But mostly I suspect it those wretched speed bumps.
factors affecting suspension bush wear - Red Baron
The choice of material for the bushes and adjoining parts. You could easily make the bush out of a harder material, but this would compromize the parts that hold the bush and the parts it is connected to. Secondary component wear or failure would be even more expensive.

Perhaps, think of them as a sacrificial item.
factors affecting suspension bush wear - jonno
Depending on how long you plan to keep the Ka, it might be worth investing in Powerflex bushes...


Much better than the standard rubber ones and won't need replacing.

factors affecting suspension bush wear - mike hannon
I once had a Legend coupe that failed an MOT when it had more than 100k on the clock because of 'excessive wear to top rear suspension bushes'.
The replacements were peculiar to the coupe - so I couldn't use Rover 800 bits - and 300-odd quid apiece.
So I think I understand the meaning of the word sacrificial - it was me who got burned...
factors affecting suspension bush wear - bell boy
The lower arms on ka"s/fiesta"s are pretty crap but at least a new one is less than £22
factors affecting suspension bush wear - tyro
In my case, unlikely to be speed bumps. The Ka has only seen one or two in its life, since it lives a sheltered life, rarely going into cities, and spending its time on single track roads in the Highlands. However the undulating surfaces of these roads may take their toll, as I have been known to get the Ka airborne on one or two occasions when travelling at speed. Hard cornering is much more likely scenario.

Thanks, jonno, for the tip about Powerflex bushes. I'd already told the fellow at the garage just to get a couple of new suspension arms, so I'll not mess him about now by mentioning Powerflex bushes, but perhaps in another few years . . .

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