Looking for a Digital Volt Meter - Peter D
Take a Look.


Cheap but functional.



Looking for a Digital Volt Meter - cheddar
Wickes do one for a tenner that is OK.
Looking for a DVM - Saltrampen
As with all low priced meters...please be very careful when measuring current (amps) as many of the currents flowing in a car exceed the 10A limit of this type of meter. Meters that can handle up to 60 - 100A are usually expensive, and are the sort needed to measure cranking currents and currents to most bigger items under the bonnet. However these meters are ideal for electronics in a car and for voltage / resistance testing.
- S
Looking for a DVM - Peter D
Not many guys measure the cranking current without a current clamp. The meter is fine for most checks and measurements. Many people who visit this and many other forum's do not have ameter at all and yet ask for help and advice we can only give if they can do some simple tests and measurements. Regards Peter
Looking for a DVM - Collos25
You would not measure high amperage with an avo you would use a clip on amp meter.
Looking for a DVM - SteVee
Maplin also do a handheld oscilloscope - code RS82D - for about 80 quid that is useful around cars/bikes.
Looking for a DVM - Peter D
Ahhh the good old AVO. I still have an AVO 8 on the shelf but rarely used these days although I did use the 2500v range when recently checking out a Microwave fault. Regards Peter
Looking for a DVM - Saltrampen
Re Current clamps for cranking current:
Totally agree these are needed, but I have heard of people breaking these smaller meters trying to measure current because they are trying to measure current (alternator, wiper motor etcs)
Hopefully be reading all these messages they will be wiser...
..also heavy current meters as well as being expensive seem hard to obtain (My local Halfords doesn't have one!)

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