Diamondbright - Andrew Harrison
In January, I purchased a nearly new Ford fiesta at Hartwell Cowley. Whilst there I spoted details of a process to protect vehicle paintwork call Diamondbright.

After talking to the salesman, I expressed my interest, but was wondering if the other parts of the car more vonerable were protected as well. By that I meant the underside of the chassis and under the wheel arches.

Does this process protect from scratches(deliberate or not) and stone chipping?
Re: Diamondbright - honest john
I use Autobrite Super Resin Polishe topped off by two coats of Autobrite Extra Gloss Protection. Total cost for the two bottles £20 and used on one car they last for about three years.

Re: Diamondbright - Malcolm
As I have mentioned before these costly fancy protective coatings offered by dealers when buying cars are no more than a good wax polish!. Ps. I think HJ meant to say Autoglym .
Re: Diamondbright - Gordon Watkins
One of my cars had Diamondbright applied two years ago. It certainly is much more effective than all the polishes and processes than I have been able to purchase and buy so far. The car still cleans well and comes up with an excellent shine. Be warned that if you live with hard water the beading that you get will leave rings unless you leather the car after washing. Perhaps that is why they offered me a wash-leather as part of the deal. Yes I would have it done again.

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