Good Diesel - Al Civic
I am looking for a second hand medium sized diesel. I have about £7000 to spend, performance more important than ecconomy. Not willing to take a high milage exfleet car though. Any opinions welcome.

Good Diesel - Altea Ego
performance more important than ecconomy.

Then get yourself more car for the money by buying a petrol model. Diesels cost more to buy, so if economy is not your bag why go diesel?
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Good Diesel - Vincent de Marco
Diesels cost more to buy

and to service.
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Good Diesel - Al Civic
why a diesel? I am changing my job and will be covering more miles a week so i want the extra milage a diesel provides. Generally diesels are slow so my preference is for one of the quicker diesels although this will impact the milage you get it will still be significantly more than a pertrol car.

Good Diesel - local yokel
Someone has to be first to say Mondeo TDCi - plenty to choose from at that budget, and at that price they won't have inter-planetary mileage.
Good Diesel - Paul I
So Mr Vincent de Marco can you tell me and the others where such a statement is based on??? Because there is loads of fact out there that they are Cheaper to service over 2,3,4 years or based on mileages
Good Diesel - blue_haddock
First thing that sprang to my mind was something like a 2.5 V6 TDi Passat.
Good Diesel - chocka
Hi Al,

Considered a Seat Leon?
Looking through Autotrader (on the left hand side) I can see a trade 52 reg Leon TDi SE 110 (40K miles) that is below GBP7K.

I find the 110 to be enough performance without needing the higher insurance cost of the 130/150 and, the last time I checked (if I recall correctly), I was getting around 48mpg without removing any lead from my right shoe.

Fun to drive with all the toys, although it is smaller than a Mondeo.

Worth a test drive IMHO.
Good Diesel - David Horn
Rover 75 CDT, get it chipped to 150bhp? Excrement and shovel spring to mind.
Good Diesel - RichardW
"Generally diesels are slow "

Hmm, suggest you go and drive one of the modern 130 - 150 BHP diesels for a while, and see if you still think that's true....
Ignore the headline BHP and 0-60 figures - in real life the more usable torque of the diesel makes it more relaxing to drive when pushing on round the bendy bits, and the low M-way rpm makes for relaxed (and efficient!) cruising.

Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....
Good Diesel - Al Civic
Richard, exactly the type of diesel I was thinking of, the performance of the car is more important than a few extra MPG.
Any preference your self.
Good Diesel - Xileno {P}
You want a nice Citroen C5 2.2 HDi. Great engine, fantastic suspension, good value.
Good Diesel - Martin1981
VW Golf 1.9 TDi in the 130 or 150bhp variants would be my pick of the bunch- 0-60 in under 10secs and capable of returning well over 50mpg. Best of both worlds in my opinion.

Good Diesel - Collos25
I think he wants a car with a future.
Good Diesel - Collos25
Regars a "Rover" soory
Good Diesel - Xileno {P}
A good diesel? Isn't that an oxymoron? ;-)

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