VW Polo 1.4 TDI Karmann Ghia - Perfection
Just put a deposit down for the above car, was told its a Sport model by the garage. It can't be a sport model it has no allooy wheels, no fog light. Anyone please shed some light on this?

Have I bought a lemon?

Thanks for any reply.
VW Polo 1.4 TDI Karmann Ghia - Avant
That's an interesting one - I didn't know that VW had brought that name back. Last heard of on the 50s and 60s coachbuilt Beetle-based coupes and convertibles.

Any VW experts around to enlighten us? If VW haven't brought it back, Perfection, then the dealer is having you on.
VW Polo 1.4 TDI Karmann Ghia - Perfection
The log book shows the type/model as Karmann Ghia. When checked on the DVLA under registration, it shows it as a Polo 1.4 TDI 75 Sport. It can't can't be a Sport, it has no fog lights nor alloy wheels.

I need help urgently, before I inform my credit card compamny that the dealer has sold me something that its not correct to its discription.

Thanks for your help.
VW Polo 1.4 TDI Karmann Ghia - PhilW
Just "googled" it out of interest and can't find reference to a recent Karmann Ghia VW
VW Polo 1.4 TDI Karmann Ghia - Avant
I looked at What Car's very complete lists for you (both new and used) and I can't find a 1.4 75bhp TDI Sport, let alone a Karmann Ghia.

The DVLA can quite often get it wrong, usually because of errors made by the dealer who supplied it new.

Maybe you should go to a VW main dealer as ask someone if they would look it up for you. They ought to help you just for the sake of goodwill, though as we all know some VW dealers are a little short on goodwill.
VW Polo 1.4 TDI Karmann Ghia - AlastairW
Could it be a dealer specific special edition? ISTR that some larger groups use there own stick on badge kits.
VW Polo 1.4 TDI Karmann Ghia - Perfection
I'm just really worried now. I don't know what to do. I hasve placed a £500 deposit, and already sign the agreement to pay the balance on collection of the car.

Can I just walk away, or will the garage demand me to pay for the car?

I suspect it's the Polo 1.4 TDI 75bhp SE trim, because it has remote central locking (ref Parkers guide). If this is the case, how easy is it to change from the incorrect model on the log book? Do DVLA require evidence of the identity (model) of the vehicle before they allow me to change.

The garage asked me to collect the car next Tuesday. I'm really running out of ideas in terms of what to do now. Any suggestions are welcome.

VW Polo 1.4 TDI Karmann Ghia - Avant
Don't panic too much - if it's the car you want a simple dealer or DVLA error needn't put you off. Go and check with a VW main dealer, then go back to your supplying dealer and ask him to sort it out for you. He surely will if he has a good reputation to preserve.

If it isn't the car you want, you should be able to get out of the deal if the particulars are incorrect.
VW Polo 1.4 TDI Karmann Ghia - Perfection
Avant, thank you for your reply. I'm a bit calm now.

I have had another look at Parkers review. The alloy wheels and Fog light is optional, so this may explain why the car has got these options if it was a Sport model. But one furthe question I have to ask, if its a Sport model it should have the multifunction computer as standard, but the car doesn't seem to have this feature. Confused??

Can a VW dealer provide the real identity of this car if I have the Engine and Chassis number?

Thanks for any reply.
VW Polo 1.4 TDI Karmann Ghia - DavidHM
Does anyone else read this, see

* odd specification
* DVLA logbook error

and think IMPORT?
VW Polo 1.4 TDI Karmann Ghia - blue_haddock
Yes i did think it was possibly an import.
VW Polo 1.4 TDI Karmann Ghia - Perfection
I did asked the question if the car was import, the dealer says no, because the engine number is shown in the log book. Is this true if the engine number is shown in the log book implies that it's not an import?

I have looked at the service book, it wasfirst serviced with a main VW dealer, and subsequent services.

Is there anything I should checking or asking the garage?

However, I have on most importanyt thing to do is check the log book against the car's engine/VIN. I think I was led to believe that I shouldn't need to check these things when I purchase form a main garage (infact its a Nissan Main Dealer). I was told that the car was traded in to Nissan dealer.

VW Polo 1.4 TDI Karmann Ghia - robcars
Get the sellinn garage to put in writing the full details and spec of the car you are about to buy, including a statement confirming it isnot an import.

If its a genuine car they will not hesitate to do it; if its not genuine then decide whether you want the car or not. if so carry on. If not ask for your deposit back as they have misrepresented the details.

Just talk to the sellers; they will react!
VW Polo 1.4 TDI Karmann Ghia - Tonker
I presume you have rung VW in Milton Keynes and asked them when it was first registered and whether they imported it or it was a parallel import [you are best doing that from the dealer to get round any Data Protection try ons]

It sounds like an import, the fog light is standard and required, unless you meant front fog lights.

As for engine number in log book, I don't think what they told you is true, it may be a rule of thumb, but I have had Porsches that were imports that had engine numbers in the logbook. You have to file the same information, so why would it not be in the book ?

First rule of buying cars, don't believe that much that you hear from the man in the suit - it's often BS (far more than it should be) - and before any tame, honest, upstanding car dealers feel put out, don't believe what you read on the internet either.... :)
VW Polo 1.4 TDI Karmann Ghia - Xileno {P}
I agree, the DVLA site is a good start but I would not treat it as authoritative. Several of our old cars don't even feature on it.
VW Polo 1.4 TDI Karmann Ghia - SteVee
Can you confirm that the only mention of 'Karmann Ghia' is in the logbook ? No badging on the car, etc ?

I thought Ford had completely taken over Ghia and that no other manufacturers were using that name. I wouldn't have though VW would be allowed to use the ghia name - perhaps it was a dealer special edition ?
That's not a reason to walk away from the car though, assuming that it has been represented properly in other respects.
VW Polo 1.4 TDI Karmann Ghia - Collos25
I think you will find they are owned by VAG and the car in question is a grey import probably channel islands.
VW Polo 1.4 TDI Karmann Ghia - daveyjp
Channel Islands are not classed as a grey import. They are full UK spec, I've owned an ex Jersey hire car and had no problems re it being an import when I sold it.
VW Polo 1.4 TDI Karmann Ghia - Collos25
Not all, lots of Fords an VAG with non standard UK spec and dubious 1st reg dates and mileages.
VW Polo 1.4 TDI Karmann Ghia - nortones2
I think you need to have the history checked out: Karmann Ghia were a builder of convertibles on the Beetle chassis, and also built the Scirroco, and many other vehicles. Didn't know the name was used for badge engineering: the company still exist having several factories, including Brasil etc. Maybe the KG name was used for another market? What are the first 3 VIN numbers?
VW Polo 1.4 TDI Karmann Ghia - Garethj
Karmann Ghia were a builder of convertibles on the Beetle chassis, and also built the Scirroco

Not quite - Karmann in Osnabrück built the Karmann Ghias (Type 1 and Type 3), Beetle Cabrios and the Sciroccos but it was Ghia of Turin who styled the Karmann Ghia.

My bet is a dealer badged 'special edition' but I'd be interested to see what you turn up.

VW Polo 1.4 TDI Karmann Ghia - nortones2
Ta: I'd forgotten the Italian connection!
VW Polo 1.4 TDI Karmann Ghia - Perfection
Guys thank you all the help so far. Sorry for the long story....

Today I have discovered the following:

1. Contacted my local VW dealer and I gave them the Engine and VIN number, they say it is a VW POLO 1.4 TDI PD SE. The car is not an import they also said.

2. Contaced DVLA and asked why the model on the log book is different to the VW record. They said |I could get it correct, provided that I get confirmation from VW Dealer & Manufacturer to provide evidence.

3. Contaced VW Dealer which originally sold the car. They confirmed that that the car was sold by them and it is a POLO VW 1.4 TD SE. (Also confirmed that it was not an import). And it is definately not a Sport model as claimed by the garage who try to sell me the car. I explained toi them the scenario, and they are morte than happy to assist me to get the log book corrected, i,e, writing a letter to VW Manufacturer to provide a letter to DVLA.

So now the SE model seems to tie up with the real car spec, i.e no fog light, no multifnction computer, no alloy wheels.
This is what I dedected to after looking at Parkers review.

So the question is what I should do now, walk away and demand my deposit back from the garage. Or continue with the purchase. If however, I decided to continue with the purchase, I will have to sort out all the headache work, i.e getting the VW dealer to provide evidence of the true identity of the car to get the log book corrected.

What do you guys think I should do now, options are buying it and sort ot the log book details, walk away and demand deposit back, report the garage to trading standard for delibrately mis-selling the car model and description.

I have talked to colleague at work they said I should write in a letter to complain and get some discount from the car, becasue if the car is a Sport model and it turned out not to be, it means I have paid more than the normal SE model.

Basically the full spec would be: VW POLO 1.4 TDI 75PS SE, and I agreed to pay £6700 with 20K miles on the clock. Reasonable bodywork for a 2002 year car.
VW Polo 1.4 TDI Karmann Ghia - adverse camber
Well, if you want the car negotiate on the price. Its a lower spec than the sport and you are going to have hassle to sort of the docs. Otherwise get the deposit back and go elsewhere.

(£6700 for a 4 year old polo? Sounds damned expensive to me)
VW Polo 1.4 TDI Karmann Ghia - Perfection
I will try and negotiate to get the price down to £6200.
This should reflect the lower spec of the car and the hassle of getting the docs sorted out.

Is this reasonable you think?

If the garage say no, I will ask for my deposit back and walk away.
VW Polo 1.4 TDI Karmann Ghia - daveyjp
It's not a necessarily a lesser spec, its a different spec. SE will have different options to the Sport model. Price does seem high, but I wouldn't bother changing the V5, as long as you have paperwork from the dealer to back up the detail you'll be fine - thousands of V5s are wrong. My A2 V5 had the engine capacity down as 1385cc (IIRC), when the 1.4 TD is actually 1422cc. Never bothered changing the V5 and never had any problems as a result.
VW Polo 1.4 TDI Karmann Ghia - massey
This engine has the super little high reving 3 cylinder engine.

£6700 seems a bit on the high side but if the garage has to listen to moaning customer, they earn their money.

Are you trading in a car against this sticker price?
VW Polo 1.4 TDI Karmann Ghia - Perfection
No car to trade in, I'm just paying for the car.
VW Polo 1.4 TDI Karmann Ghia - adverse camber
imho you are paying way over the odds. What was the sticker price?
VW Polo 1.4 TDI Karmann Ghia - Perfection
The sticker price is £7000.
VW Polo 1.4 TDI Karmann Ghia - Perfection
Hi nortones.

The first 3 VIN is: WVW

What does this mean?
VW Polo 1.4 TDI Karmann Ghia - Adam {P}
A little birdy tells me your car is a Volkswagen (!), made in Germany by the...Volkswagen Motor Division.

(Could be completely wrong but two sources back each other up)
VW Polo 1.4 TDI Karmann Ghia - Armitage Shanks {p}
Have a look at the Vauxhall site where you can get a free Glass's valuation on this car. Around £5k looks about right so you may be paying a lot of money for a car you don't seem to be very happy about.
VW Polo 1.4 TDI Karmann Ghia - runboy
On the face of it, nearly £7k for a 4 year old Polo, and not a high-spec one at that, is a lot.

A quick search on Autotrader brings up loads of Polo's, and for about £7k there was a 2004 Polo Twist diesel, with air con etc.

Not as cheap as I thought however....hold the value well these little Polo's!
VW Polo 1.4 TDI Karmann Ghia - nortones2
As Adam says: Wolfsburg, Germany.

VW Polo 1.4 TDI Karmann Ghia - Perfection
Talked to the garage today, and I insisted that in order for me to purchase the car, the paperwork documents need to put in place. The garage say they will get back to me on this Friday to see where things are.

Will wait and hear from them soon. I can't see the whole process of getting it corrected takes less than 4 weeks. In this case I will ask for my deposit back. Will the garage refuse to hand back the deposit you think?
VW Polo 1.4 TDI Karmann Ghia - Adam {P}
Given they're trying to sell you a car that doesn't exist, I sincerely doubt it.
VW Polo 1.4 TDI Karmann Ghia - Perfection
If I do ask for the money back, I will have to get someone else to go with me. When the salesman phone back to me today - the voice was very strong and abusive.

When I mentioned this to a colleague at work, he offered to support me to ask for the money back. I feel a bit better now at least I will have some support + this furums support.
VW Polo 1.4 TDI Karmann Ghia - Sunny22
I think you should demand a refund of your deposit as the car they are selling you is not as advertised.

Then shop around for the 'Twist' model as you can loads more for your money!

VW sales people seem to have an attitude problem, just be firm and go in knowing exactley waht you want. If your happy with the deal your getting then go for it providing they address all your issues you have with the purchase...

Ps... Might have done you a favour, the sport spec is uncomfortable!
VW Polo 1.4 TDI Karmann Ghia - Xileno {P}
Or consider something else, there are far better cars around than the Polo IMO. if you must have one then the 1.9 engine is far nicer than the rough noisy three pot.
VW Polo 1.4 TDI Karmann Ghia - peterb
£6,700 for a small four year old car is too much!

You could get a BRAND NEW Toyota Aygo for that!
VW Polo 1.4 TDI Karmann Ghia - Lud
Never liked Polos myself. A pretentious no-fun Fiesta-class motor really.

Apart from the Aygo and its two stablemates, surely you can get a large, comfortable, economical car in the prime of life for that sort of money?
VW Polo 1.4 TDI Karmann Ghia - local yokel
For that budget you'd get a lot of Focus too - probably only 3 years old. A much nicer car all round, and much more driver fun, plus it's the size of a Golf.
VW Polo 1.4 TDI Karmann Ghia - Avant
Sorry to change my tune from what I said further up - but I'd no idea you were going to pay £6,700 for a 4-year-old car.

You should be able to get out of the deal on the grounds of the error in description - then I suggest you buy a copy of What Car, which, right at the back, has a list of used car prices. It'll also have a list of what you can buy new for that price.

If the dealer turns nasty, threaten him with the small claims court to get your deposit back.
VW Polo 1.4 TDI Karmann Ghia - Perfection
I have discussed the situatino with the Consumer Direct today and have given some very positive advice.

Basically the advisor said I can demand for a full refund under Credit Act 1974. The deposit was paid by credit card.

As I said in one of my ealier messages,I don't think the garage can put the paper work in order faster than 4 weeks (i.e. sending to getting VW dealer to write letter to VW Manufacturer provide evidence to DVLA). I'm not prepared to wait for that long and certainly won't be paying £6700 as everyone is saying here.

If this is the case I will ask for the deposit back. If they're resisting to return the money, I will write a formal complaint letter and inform my credit card company to return the money. The garage is in breach of the contract, not me. The product sold was not as described.

The garage will phone me to let me know the status of things.

The car is still advertised in AutoTrader. I don't think I'm allowed to spell out which one it is on this regulated furum.

Will provide status tomorow here.....
VW Polo 1.4 TDI Karmann Ghia - Perfection
The story goes >>.........

The garage didn't get back to me this morning as promised on Tuesday. SO I The document does not need sorting out because he got Mr xxx (the former keeper of the car) in the garage to talk to me to explain that the car is genuine etc. But I wasn'thappy to talk to Mr xxx because how do I know he is the genuine former keeper call Mr xxxx. But I have asked Mr xxx is the car a Sport model, and he replied me saying No.

Then I told him that the garage is selling and discribing as the Sport model. He was then taken off the phone by the Salesman. Maybe the salesman doesn't want me to know too much about the car???

I then told the saleman that I would like them to return my deposit, obviuosly he threaten me with taking me to court saying that I have signed up for the agreement to purchase the car, based on the fact that I have driven the car and liked it on the day when I was signed the sales invoice. But I explained to him that on the day of siging the paperwork I have repeatedly asked the question that if the Karmann Ghia is the Sport model he say YES. He even shown me on his computer when he typed in the car reg number, and it did came up with Sport TDI. I'm confused now because I don't know where his data source has came from, definately not the DVLA. DVLA confirmed that the car is a Karmann Ghia model.

Maybe the garage has fabricated some webpage and show me that the car is a Sport model.

Interesting thing is that the garage used the excuse that becauase I have test driven the car and like the car on the spot - implies that I have the liability to puchase the car. I think he can;t use that statement such as Sold As Seen, becuase trader not allowed as explained by the Trading Standard.

They later tried to tempt anf ultimately forced me to buy the car. They started of with.. what is the price you prepared to pay for this Karmman Ghia model then?? I basically said I wasn't intrested with the car anymore because it's not a Sport model. They then tried the force method, i.e refering to the Sold as seen phrase again (because I have driven it and like it and signed on the purchase form). Luckily the purchase form got the Polo 1.4 TDI Sport written on it (when I shown it to him). So the garage knows they have no legs to stand on when comes to black/white what was written on the purchase form.

It was interesting that when he got hold of the purchase agreement form, he wouldn't let go (i.e doesn't want ot give back to me thinking that is the onlt copies I have got). Becasue that is the only evidence I have got against them for not describing the product correctly. Luckily I have made a few copies. He then asked me to produce what other evidence I have that discribes the car discription and model. I pointed out that the AutoTrader advertv I have in the car. They want ot see it!! I shown it to him and he tried not to give it back to me. When I asked can I have it back and as I drawn from his hand - he applied alot of pressure to resist it between his fingers!!

I was worried that if he didn't give back to me I may have problem showing the exact model and car discriptions, because I haven;t got any copies of it and AutoTrader website does not show the advert anymore when I checked it last nite.

In the end he has no choice but to refund the money to my credit card.

So in summary..
Do not trust Main Dealer they're just like any other crook sellers, walk away from the car if in doubt.

I'm happy that I have now managed to move on and look for another car.

The reason they might advertised as an SE model is that I have told them that according to VW dealer the car is a SE model for the given VIN and Engine number. I remembered that when the garage asked me what do they need to do to the log book in order for me to buy the car. I basically laughed because they didn't bother to determine the true identity of the car.

Thanks for your guys support here...

However, I'm anticipated that the car will be re-advertised in AutoTrader soon, so watch out. It will be either advertised as a Polo TDI SPort, Polo TDI Karmann Ghia, Polo TDI SE. Last time the car was advertised as green colour (its very dark green colour - not the science green and not very common colour).

VW Polo 1.4 TDI Karmann Ghia - David Horn
I'm assuming you got your refund then? Check with your credit card company.

Secondly, write a letter to VW Customer Services telling them what one of their main dealers is doing.
VW Polo 1.4 TDI Karmann Ghia - Perfection
The dealer is not a VW dealer. However, the dealer in question is in deleted. - too much information - DD.

I guessed the garage has refunded me ok. He swiped my credit card and asked to type in the PIN and gave me receipt from the CHIP & PIN machine. Do I still nedd to phone up the credit card company to check?

VW Polo 1.4 TDI Karmann Ghia - Manatee
Does the voucher for the transaction say it's a refund? (assuming he gave you the voucher). Any doubt call the card issuer. Based on what you have told us you should not rely on what they have told you!
VW Polo 1.4 TDI Karmann Ghia - Pugugly {P}
Brilliant bit of work. Shows how the advice on this site can be put into practice.

BTW I had a car from Jersey once, but I kept having to pullover....
VW Polo 1.4 TDI Karmann Ghia - bell boy
you are a card i gain .....Pugugly {P}

i thought to be a kharman ghia the vehicle had to be hand built or did someone already mention that fact..........i fell asleep :)
VW Polo 1.4 TDI Karmann Ghia - Avant
No, it means it's not an automatic (say it slowly).
VW Polo 1.4 TDI Karmann Ghia - Pugugly {P}
Yep - I get it.
VW Polo 1.4 TDI Karmann Ghia - Perfection
Credit card has been refunded - confirmed with credit card company.

However, I received a letter from the Trading Standard stating that I can get their assistant if required. The Trading Standard and Consumer Direct provide excellent service.

I have told the Trading Standard that I have got my money back, so I'm happy ot close the file. Howvever, the Trading Standard was still very keen to take the detail of the contact at the Garage to keep record on file and including the car details. The trading standard said just in case the garage trying to make another sale to another customer (mis-discribe the model again), they will then take action.

Hope this also closes this long thread of discussion.


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