About Time - mark
Just found this, its long overdue


Glad I'm not in the Hall of Shame

be aware there is the occasional adult word in some of the text.

As always

About Time - Adam {P}
Just looking at the first picture, the XC90 isn't at fault at all. There's a long stream of traffic in front of him and unless he wants to undertake, he can't use lane two.

That, plus he probably thought the bloke taking pictures whilst driving in lane one looked a bit dodgy so gave him a wide berth ;-)
About Time - Armitage Shanks {p}
It looks to me as though the picture taken on 26th January was either taken from passenger seat of a LHD car, by the driver of a RHD car and in any event the car was straddling 2 lanes, or so it appears. I agree these people are fools but is it worth a website with pictures? I don't think so!
About Time - type's'
I've always maintained we do not need to build more motorway lanes in this country. It would free up 33% more capacity on the M'Ways if people just adhered to the correct lane discipline. I imagine I am preaching to the converted here though. The interesting thing is I believe it is a UK problem. When I drive on the continent they seem to be ok. (or maybe it is because I am concentrating on other things that I do not notice).
About Time - Hugo {P}
This doesn't seem to be a problem in the US - probably because undertaking seems to be allowed, and commonly practiced.

About Time - Ian (Cape Town)
A rather apt quote from sniffpetrol.com:
There was good news for fans of being a dithering thicko this week as Vauxhall revealed more details of the brand new Corsa, including a series of high tech options specifically designed for the kind of mush brained simpletons who bought the old model. *Chief amongst these options is a new system dubbed MLA - Middle Lane Assist - which relies on a series of sophisticated sensors to detect if the driver is displaying anything resembling correct motorway discipline and triggers a warning tone so that they can resume their correct spot in the middle lane, even though the inside lane is completely empty.* MLA is directly linked to another exciting new feature known as ASA, or Annoying Speed Assist, which is capable of detecting the speed limit for any given road and then holding the car at precisely 4.5mph less than that.
About Time - Hamsafar
Here is a link (cut and paste) to a video of rush hour in an Indian city. It is more or less a free for all, but works very well, you would never get that level of throughput here.

About Time - Altea Ego
It works very well if you are planning ethnic cleansing. Indian road deaths are at a mountainous level.
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