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Hi all,

My other half has found a buyer for her 318Ci, so a new motor is beckoning. She has about £3500 to spend on an interesting vehicle, not too old, but a bit sporty. Has to be 2 door. I'm steering her towards japanese. Shortlist so far:

MX5- she'll love or hate it
MR2- could be a bit small on the luggage side
Accord Coupe- favourite replacement for the 318Ci, pref V6
Prelude- I like these!
Hyundai Coupe- off the wall as not jap, but alot of car for the cash!

My personal fave is the MX5 or Prelude, but I do like the Accord Coupe, especially in V6 fettle.

Opinions valued!


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new car for gf - Happy Blue!
All nice cars, but I think the Accord Coupe is a bit soft, especially in V6 form. IIRC, it was advertised as having enough boot space for two sets of gold clubs - nuf said?

The Hyundai Coupe is a good choice - it will be the newest of all the cars selected for the money available. Some friends have one. Their only complaint is that it has an unsolvable crunch when changing gear, which is meant to afflict a number of these cars.
Espada III - well if you have a family and need a Lamborghini, what else do you drive?
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Two sets of GOLD clubs! That will be a doctor then! LOL
new car for gf - BobL
Go for an mx5. You should be able to get one about 10yrs old for that money. Find one that has been regularly serviced and used as a second car. Running costs will be low, only regular inexpensive servicing required which is very easy for yourself or most garages and best of all its FUN to drive
new car for gf - mike hannon
Why buy a Hyundai when she could have a fifth generation 2.2 Prelude - you are right to like them! Either gearbox is good but I really like the auto/sequential shift. They are quite lightly constructed compared to other Hondas, but presumably for performance reasons. A bodykit looks better too.
The Accord coupe is a fine piece of gear, esp in V6 form - don't listen to the knockers, you can bet the vast majority have never actually owned or driven one.
The Accord is a very civilised everyday motor for up to two people but the Prelude is just right for those (very occasional) times when - to be politically incorrect - the hooligan instinct surfaces briefly. Like when the boy racers wind you up at the traffic lights...
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Off-the-wall: how about an MX-3 V6? I used to have one and it has a lovely engine. Apparently it was the smallest production V6, although no doubt someone will come along now and say that the Lanchester-Panhard-Deauville-Levassor-Jellinek 1.42 'Landaulette' Royale Craftmatic of 1918 had a V6 engine of 0.05 litres. : )
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Mk2 MR2s have room enough in the boot for a set of golf clubs apparently. I find it has enough room for bags on a long weekend away for 2, or a big weekly shop (again for 2).

It has a bit of storage behind the seats, and under front bonnet too, but nowhere near what the Accord of Celica has. I doubt the MX-5 has much more though. The t-bar models aren't as good as they seem though - no patch on a full convertable.

Performance is good enough for the N/A cars - either 158 or 173bhp. An oldish (grey import) turbo can be had for that money (1990-1993) with 225bh/p but it might be a bit of a handful considering the RWD platform, and running costs will be higher too.

The other suggestions will give warm enough power, apart from the Hyundi with 1.6 or 2.0 engines which aren't anything specialat all (I doubt the new V6 shape can be had for £3.5k). But I suppose power isn't everything.

Is she after show or go? Might be able to get a Honda Integra for that cash, which has damn fine handling, or maybe a 200sx which offers 200bhp rwd, although questionable looks and softish handling.

All in all, I would go for the MX5 - a mix of fun rwd handling in a roadster format, useful enough power for it's weight, and offering something more that the fwd hatchback coupes mentioned above.


new car for gf - Dalglish
My other half has found a buyer for her 318Ci, so a new motor
is beckoning. She has about £3500 to spend

a little side-track here:
how much did you sell it for in the end?
how is it that only leaves £3500 to spend?


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