Tesco's 99 ron super unleaded ?? - Beaks
They have just started selling this at a Tescos near me in Cardiff. Does anyone have any opinions on it ?? Is it any good? I think I heard it is a Bio etanol mix so I assume it is a little bit 'les bad' for the environment. I think they were selling it for 98.9 today...
Tesco's 99 ron super unleaded ?? - escort man

I have used this, and found i to be pretty good.

Does what they claimed it would do in my car (2000 Astra) ie makes engine smoother, and gives more power in the lower renges.
Simlar to Shell Optimax.

And happily for me I get more miles per tank, and following a rough experiment works out 0.1 pence cheaper per mile than 95 ron unleaded.

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