Rover 214 ?accelerator cable problem - kidzrags1
I wondered if you guys could help me
I have a rover 214 (1997), today the car seemed to have very high revs (approx 3000) when the clutch was pushed in and this went down when the clutch was released, on further investigation it appears that my accelorator is being kept on (the pedal does not appear to be pushed down any more than normal) as I could drive around the village using gear change only and braking.
is this the cable sticking or some other fault and is it likly to cost me a fortune to get fixed,

thanks guys


ps excuse the spelling, I have been up since 5.15this morning and need to sleep
Rover 214 ?accelerator cable problem - Civic8
Sounds like throttle position sensor is playing up,you could take the inlet pipe off and check throttle valve is not sticking open.

this can happen if excess oil is drawn in,it causes the valve to stick,if that has happened use carb cleaner to clear the sticky oil left in bore,you may find this is the problem and carb cleaner should cure
Rover 214 ?accelerator cable problem - wrangler_rover
I had a similar problem with my 1999 414, 16v recently, when putting the clutch in, the revs raced to 3000 ish rpm.
The plastic throttle body was warped & the butterfly inside was sticking.
Apparently it's a common problem. Look for another throttle body from a scrap yard.

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