How much is it worth? - David Horn
Right, well, I've finally been forced off the road due to fuel prices, road tax, and insurance so I'm planning to sell the car.

This year's lowest insurance quote is still circa ~1500 pounds, plus 200 pounds tax and fuel. I reckon that if I'm going to spending nearly 2500 pounds a year it's easier to hire a car as and when I need it and use a removals company to get my stuff to and from uni.

So, I'm going to stick it in Autotrader. It's a Citroen Xsara 1.9TD "West Coast" coupe, 90k, vomit yellow aka Gold, immaculate condition, full service history etc. I can't even find it listed in Glass's so any suggestions as to how much I should put it in for would be appreciated.
How much is it worth? - David Horn
Good news, everyone. Apparently to go as a named driver (ahem) under my mum is only about 300 pounds. So keeping the car. :P
How much is it worth? - v0n
I was about to say - get insured as named driver as car is still the cheapest method of transportation in a long run.
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How much is it worth? - J1mbo
But you don't build up a no claims which, in the long run, works out more expensive.

You'd do better to shop around for insurance, or get a car which is cheaper to insure. How old are you? To be "forced" off the road when your in your teens or tweenties seems a bit dramatic.
How much is it worth? - David Horn
I'm 20. Don't think it is cheaper to build up a NCB, if I mess around with the online quotes thing and put my age in as 25 with no NCD it's still pretty cheap.

I like my car, and since most of my journeys are long slogs up and down the motorway don't really want to change it for something old, noisy, uncomfortable, and that folds up in a crash.
How much is it worth? - Xileno {P}
£1500 - is that Comprehensive or TPFT?
Seems a bit steep, I am sure mine was only a few hundred when I was 20 - not that long ago :-0
How much is it worth? - David Horn
Comprehensive - TPFT makes next to no difference.

How much is it worth? - PhilDews
At 20 (some 7 years ago!!), I was paying about £1100 on 5yr old Escort 1.6LX (the 90bhp Zetec) - and more recently (last year) I was paying £1000 on a Golf GT TDI, including 4years no claims, so your quotes don't sound too silly.

I'm quite excited about this years renewal - the cheapest quote so far is about £400 - inc business use, 20,000mpa.
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How much is it worth? - wemyss
Insurance Company advertising yesterday on TV that with their Company you can build up your no claims bonus as a named driver.
Don't recall the name of the Company.
How much is it worth? - Adam {P}
Just renewed my insurance yesterday.

760 quid TPFT with 3 years no claims - age 20.

I cried myself to sleep!
How much is it worth? - PoloGirl
Glad I'm not a man! Even aged 21, when I had no no claims at all, six points and a fault accident on my record, my insurance was only about £700 on Polo.

Are you sure you couldn't change to a smaller, less expensive to insure car? Big doesn't automatically mean safer or better on motorways, especially when it's an older car.

Be wary of having your mum as the policy holder and you as named driver - I know someone who's insurer got wise to this and wouldn't pay out because they worked out that she was actually the person who used the car the most, not her dad.

How much is it worth? - Pugugly {P}
Insurance company probably read here that you were planning to shoehorna V6 under the bonnet.
How much is it worth? - Armitage Shanks {p}
I think Direct Line and Admiral and may be Elephant all say that all named drivers build up their own no-claims. You might have to spend a few hours watching low quality sat TV to catch the adverts!
How much is it worth? - Adam {P}
You're probably talking to David there PG but in my case, for a few minutes I did think about changing the car but:

a) I love driving it too much. And I'll be damned if they price me out of my fun!

b) My car is probably worth peanuts in real money terms. But to me, it's worth far more. So even if I pocketed half of the cash from the sale, and bought a cheap car, I wouldn't be any better off realistically. (That probably doesn't make any sense outside of my head!)

PU - I never thought of that but you could be onto something there! Ok - own up whoever works for Norwich Union on here!
How much is it worth? - trigger_mike
I remember my first car many years ago, a B reg brown Nova 1.2, paid £500 and it cost £1000 to insure!! then a also has a L reg Escort 1.8TD when i was 20 and that cost £110 p/month to insure! now im 26 i run a old mondeo 1.8Td and pay £289 p/year! how times change.
How much is it worth? - Ed666
A while ago a friend of mine did insurance quotes for her uni, home & grandmas addresses, as well as my London address at the time.

For a group 10 Clio fully comp, these are the kind of prices that came out:
Liverpool, Student area - £2400
Nottingham, suburb - £800-850
London, Tottenham - £1200

Goes to show how much difference a postcode makes!

Now at 21,Male, driving Group 10 Clio with 2 NCB, 3 points, no accidents/claims. FC is £750
How much is it worth? - MichaelR
No claims IS useful to have - at 22, with NCB, I am getting quotes to insure a 2002 530i Sport at about £990. Which given my age is very reasonable.

DOn't forget that if its YOUR car and its in your mothers name unless the insurer has specifically said thats ok you might find they won't be all that impressed when you claim - the risk is based on the assumption its your mothers car and you drive it occasionally, if this isnt the case...

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