Audi A6 mind of its own? - pmh
Freiends car, 2 years old (so warranty still available when back in UK).

It has developed an infrequent habit (2-3 times per week) of opening all windows after having been locked and left standing. (In the same location). Normally identified by the fact that the alarm goes off, although how long the windows have been open is not known. I would guess that it is a volumetric alarm that is wind turbulence triggered.

Is this a feature to keep the car cool, an intefering remote (unlikely given the lack of proximity of other vehicles) or just a random problem? Any advice or similar history pse?


pmh (was peter)

Audi A6 mind of its own? - debugslife
I'm sure somebody will come up with a 'known problem' with Audis and this particular fault but while I remember, I watched Fifth Gear on the tv and Miss Butler Henderson was trying to kill a '90 Merc estate to show how tough it was. She drove it into what can only be described as a pool of water, so high that the car was afloat for a while. Anyway, The windows started going by themselves and alarmingly the sunroof decided to try and close while she was making an escape through it.

So, it could be water ingress in the electrics. Where? No idea.
Audi A6 mind of its own? - Screwloose

I've heard anecdotal cases of this phenomenon on various makes. There are various causes put forward, ranging from lock faults through door-loom connexions to the most widely discussed - radio interference.

I note that this happens at the same location. Are there any EM/microwave transmitters near there? Breakdown operators say that coastal radars are often very good at causing this in nearby scenic viewpoint car parks.

If that is the cause; then your on your own. I wouldn't have a clue about stopping it. [Ferrite beads? But where?]
Audi A6 mind of its own? - Hamsafar
I think larger VAG cars generally suffer water ingress in the area below the windscreen due to poor design of seals and poor design of drainage points.
This then floods the comfort control module making windows open and close etc...
Audi A6 mind of its own? - pmh

I had discounted this as a likely cause as the location is in the middle of a circulade, (a historic fortified french village). I suppose that an enthusiastic french ham could be to blame, but no large arrays in evidence. ( I fully understand your ref to ferrite beads, but thanks for reply).


pmh (was peter)


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